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Gov. Abbott Has Bad News for Texas Dems: They Can Be Arrested for Fleeing Election Integrity Bill Vote

    Texas Governor Greg Abbott has threatened to arrest members of the Texas Legislature who absconded from their duties to vote on a package of election integrity measures.

    “As soon as they come back in the state of Texas, they will be arrested, they will be cabined inside the Texas Capitol until they get their job done,” Abbott said.

    Abbott appeared on “The Ingraham Angle” on Monday and made it clear that what the Democrats did violated the Texas Constitution’s rules on the legislature.

    “What the law is, it’s in the Constitution, and that is the House, the State House of Representatives, who are here in the capitol in Austin right now,” Abbott said, “they do have the ability to issue a call for their fellow members who are not showing up to be arrested, but only so long as that arrest is made in the State of Texas. That is why they have fled the state.”

    “Once they step back into the state they will be arrested and brought back to the Capitol and we will be conducting business,” he added.

    The Texas Democrats made a highly public display of exiting from the State of Texas on chartered buses and planes to avoid a quorum for voting on the election reforms.

    At least 58 Democratic state representatives traveled maskless on their own private planes at an expense of $100,000, while American taxpayers are forced by the TSA to travel on airlines with masks on even if vaccinated.

    The Texas Dems pulled a ‘flee-a-buster’ to go to Washington’s Dulles International Airport on Monday afternoon to petition the Democratic Party leaders in the Senate to kill the filibuster.

    The state legislators were not only on the public dime as they took their beer-fueled road trip, they made sure to pose for ‘selfies.’ The private plane travel also undoubtedly left quite the ‘carbon footprint.’

    “Texas State House Democrats have arrived at Dulles Airport and are recording selfie videos of themselves for their social media networks,” New York Times reporter Reid Epstein noted.

    “Texas Democrats refuse to show up for work like they were elected to do and quit on Texas ……..but they didn’t forget to campaign fundraise with Beto’s help and bring the Miller Lite on the private jet owned by a Lebanese businessman they have taking them to Washington DC,” Texas House Rep. Mayes Middleton pointed out.

    Texas Democrat James Talarico explained why he and his fellow Democrats were absconding from their offices to again deny quorum in the votes on the legislature’s bills.

    “My Democratic colleagues and I are leaving the state to break quorum and kill the Texas voter suppression bill,” he said. “We’re flying to DC to demand Congress pass the For The People Act and save our democracy. Good trouble.”

    Governor Abbott pointed out during his appearance on “The Ingraham Angle” that the Democrats’ arguments about the Texas bills is plainly misleading. Under Texas law there would be 12 days of early voting, he pointed out, compared to zero days of early voting in President Biden’s home state of Delaware. Furthermore, there is no substantive evidence that voter IDs suppress registration or turnout in elections.

    “The thesis that they are operating under is completely false,” Abbott told Laura Ingraham on Monday night. “What the Texas law does doesn’t hinder anybody’s ability to vote. In fact, interestingly, what Texas is seeking to do is to add additional hours to vote. Texas has 12 days of early voting, the hours of which will be expanded, and we will ensure that hours are expanded on Election Day. So their entire thesis is completely wrong.”

    “By leaving just days after Abbott convened a special legislative session, Democrats would again deny the GOP majority a quorum to pass bills, barely a month after their walkout in the state House of Representatives thwarted the first push for sweeping new voting restrictions in Texas — including outlawing 24-hour polling places, banning ballot drop boxes and empowering partisan poll watchers,” the report said. “The decision to hole up in Washington is aimed at ratcheting up pressure in the nation’s capital on President Joe Biden and Congress to act on voting at the federal level.”

    In June, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed legislation that would make elections more secure against votes cast with erroneous or fraudulent addresses.

    “Governor Greg Abbott (R) signed Senate Bill 1111 on Wednesday,” a press release on the legislative development read. “The bill, passed by the Republican-controlled state legislature at the end of their session last month, imposes new limits on what type of addresses voters can use to register to vote and allows county officials to require additional verification if they suspect a voter’s registered address is not where they reside.”

    “The law states that voters cannot register to vote using any address where they do not live full-time — and that they ‘may not establish residence for the purpose of influencing the outcome of a certain election’,” the release continued. “If a voter is suspected of registering with an invalid address, a city official can now require additional verification documents from the voter — but only a handful of residency documents are accepted, and none can be sent back to the county via a P.O. box.”

    In May, the Texas Senate passed a slate of election integrity measures to ensure that the state’s elections are free, fair and accountable. The legislation included provisions to purge the voter rolls of non-citizens and non-residents, as well as the implementation of secure voter IDs.

    The Texas Democrats fled from the vote to deny the legislature from having a quorum.

    Texas Democrats pulled off a dramatic, last-ditch walkout in the state House of Representatives on Sunday night to block passage of one of the most restrictive voting bills in the U.S., leaving Republicans with no choice but to abandon a midnight deadline and declare the legislative session essentially over,” Fox 13 reported at the time.

    While the news media celebrated the Democrats’ obstruction, Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued a statement that implies that election measures will be taken up in a ‘special session.’

    “I declared Election Integrity and Bail Reform to be must-pass emergency items for this legislative session,” Abbott said. “It is deeply disappointing and concerning for Texans that neither will reach my desk. Ensuring the integrity of our elections and reforming a broken bail system remain emergencies in Texas. They will be added to the special session agenda. Legislators will be expected to have worked out the details when they arrive at the Capitol for the special session.”

    Texas Governor Greg Abbott once again underscored on Monday night that he will continue to call special sessions until votes on election integrity bills, bail reform and border security is held.

    “I will continue calling special session after special session, because over time it’s going to continue until they step up to vote,” Gov. Abbott said.

    The Texas Democrats thus are only avoiding the inevitable as they fundraise for their publicity stunt.

    “Even if Democratic lawmakers stay out of state for the next few weeks, the governor could continue to call 30-day sessions or add voting restrictions to the agenda when the [Texas legislature] takes on the redrawing of the state’s political maps later this summer,” the Texas Tribune noted.


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