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Gov. Cuomo Says That Private Businesses in NY Should Go to ‘Vaccine-Only Admission’

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo held a press conference on Monday morning. The governor announced he is ratcheting up the pressure on private businesses to demand COVID IDs or passports to be allowed to buy goods or services.

“Private businesses, I am asking them  and suggesting to them, go to vaccine-only admission,” he said. “Go to vaccine-only admission.”

The New York Governor’s proposed restrictions for private businesses comes as the COVID mortality rates are plummeting nationwide. New York has launched a digital Excelsior COVID-vaccine passport that runs an app on a phone. This has obviously been a planned escalation in restrictions for months in advance.

Senator Rand Paul recently criticized hysteria about the Delta variant and provided some verifiable facts to put it into context.

“Thirty-five million people officially have had COVID, but really, conservative estimates, even the CDC, indicate another 70-some-odd million have had it,” he said. “So really, it’s over a hundred million Americans have had it. Probably 150, 160 million have been inoculated with the vaccine. Together, we have an enormous amount of success with immunity.”

“There’s one large study out of England, from Public Health England, 92,000 patients, and do you know how many people died in the vaccinated wing of this under age 50? Zero. Do you know how many people died — there were 52,000 people unvaccinated —  do you know how many people died? Six,” he continued.

“That works out to 0.08 percent less than the flu. That’s under age 50,” he continued. “Over age 50, there was about half as many people died as were dying last year. So the Delta variant is more transmissible but less deadly.”

Rand Paul also mentioned that private health decisions are a foundational right for Americans, and their personal choice is between them and their doctors.

“In a free society, each individual makes their own decision. Medicine is based on your own individual history and ultimately on your choice. Sometimes you get more than one doctor’s opinion because all the doctors don’t agree on the advice.”

New York Governor Cuomo, like most Democrats, is fundamentally hostile to a free society. He consistently shows that with his extremist and irrational actions. Tens of millions have natural immunity, the overwhelming majority of Americans who are “at risk” have been vaccinated, and the Delta variant is less deadly than the original virus.

The Democrats still want to shut down a free society. Why? It is so glaringly political that even the densest Americans should be picking up on the pattern by now.


Rand Paul Obliterates Delta Hysteria with Hard Facts You Won’t See in the Mainstream Media

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