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Damar Hamlin Speaks Out in Public for First Time Since Near-Fatal Cardiac Arrest

Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin, who was hospitalized after a horrific, near-featal cardiac arrest during an NFL football game, is finally speaking out in public.

“What happened to me on Monday Night Football I feel is a direct example of God using me as a vessel to share my passion and my love directly from my heart with the entire world,” Hamlin said in an Instagram post captioned “From the Heart.

Hamlin added that he continues to make “much progress” after being released from the hospital on January 11. “It was just a lot to process within my own self—mentally, physically, even spiritually. It’s just been a lot to process. But I can’t tell you how appreciative I am of all the love, all the support, and everything that’s just been coming my way,” Hamlin added.

“And now I’m able to give it back to kids and communities all across the world who need it the most, and that’s always been my dream. That’s always been what I stood for and what I’ll continue to stand for,” he said.

Damar Hamlin’s appearance at a Bills game last week had been the subject of controversy since fans were not able to see his face.

There were even conspiracy theorists who claimed Damar Hamlin was actually deceased and the NFL was covering it up.

Hamlin put that speculation to rest with his public posts.

There were others who were glad that Hamlin was alive and able to put an end to the speculation.

Hamlin’s cardiac arrest had come after he suffered a blow to his chest from Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins. After Hamlin was laid out, he stood up, wobbled, and then collapsed in a heap.

The Buffalo Bills said in a statement Hamlin had suffered a cardiac arrest.

“Damar Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest following a hit in our game versus the Bengals,” the official Buffalo Bills account tweeted. “His heartbeat was restored on the field and he was transferred to the UC Medical Center for further testing and treatment. He is currently sedated and listed in critical condition.”

After the terrifying collapse on Monday Night Football that led to him getting CPR on the field, even dying twice according to reports, he was reported to have to be made a dramatic recovery.

“This is amazing: For the first time, Bills S Damar Hamlin is addressing the team via Facetime,” Ian Rapoport reported. “The breathing tube is out, and he’s spent the morning speaking to various teammates on Facetime. Now, he’s delivering a message to the entire group, I’m told.”

Millions had prayed for Hamlin’s recovery and had donated over $6 million to his charity toy drive.


The 24-year-old players’ cardiac arrest following a blow to the chest set off speculation that it may be vaccine-related. However, there is no conclusive evidence that this specific case is tied to the mRNA shots.

However, an NFL player died this week at the age of 25 years old. The death of Jessie Lemonier, a former linebacker for the NFL’s Los Angeles Chargers and Detroit Lions, was announced on Jan. 26.

“We are shocked and saddened to learn of the passing of former Detroit Lion Jessie Lemonier,” the Lions tweeted.

No cause of death was announced.


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