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Hate Trump Media Make It Look Like He Stormed Out of Interview — But He Just Released the Audio

    President Donald Trump sat down with former British tabloid journalist Piers Morgan in what appeared from the teaser to be an exceptionally hostile interview. Watch:

    When Morgan says to his face that ‘you lost,’ Donald Trump says ‘only a fool would believe that.’ When Piers Morgan asks him if he believed he was a fool, Trump doubled down on the insult.

    “Only a fool would think that,” Trump tells Morgan.

    “You think I’m a fool?” Morgan asked.

    “I do now, yes,” Trump shot back.

    At the end of the video, it appears that Donald Trump ‘storms out,’ which the Hate Trump media picked up and ran with.

    “Trump walks out of explosive Piers Morgan interview after being pressed on 2020 election,” the New York Post blared.

    Blue-check Twitter pounced on the headline to claim Trump couldn’t handle the heat.


    “This is why the RNC is pulling out of presidential debates,” Aaron Rupar crowed.

    “1. I’m always asked if I’d interview Trump & I always say he’d just walk out on me. As he does here, with his pal Piers Morgan,” Mehdi Hasan claimed. “2. So ironic, Trump walking out on Morgan because he’s upset, given Morgan walked out on his colleagues because he was upset. Snowflakes, all of them.”

    Except, Donald Trump has the receipts. He released the audio to NBC News:

    An audio recording obtained by NBC News appears to show that former President Donald Trump’s highly publicized interview with Piers Morgan did not end with Trump storming off the set, as edited promotional video clips suggest.

    Instead, according to the recording, which was provided by Trump’s spokesman, the two men thanked each other and laughed at the conclusion of the interview for Talk TV, a subsidiary of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp.

    Talk TV, which is set to debut Monday, teased the interview — billed as “the most explosive interview of the year” — in a video summary that is dramatized with cinematic music and portrays Trump as being angry about the content of questions Morgan asked. The video and the alleged walkout were reported in an article by the New York Post, which is also owned by News Corp.

    “Turn the camera off,” Trump says at the close of the video clip as he appears to rise from his chair. “Very dishonest.”

    But the audio of the end of the interview appears to tell a different story. The two men laughed and thanked each other, the recording shows. There are no signs of Trump’s storming off set.

    “That was a great interview,” Morgan says in the audio at the end.

    Trump agrees with a “yeah.”

    “Thank you very much. I really appreciate it,” Morgan says.

    That’s when Trump says, “Turn the camera off.” By then, the former president had already risen from his chair, according to his communications director, Taylor Budowich, who supplied the audio to NBC News.

    Budowich alleged that the show’s producers deceptively edited the video by splicing the sound of Trump saying “turn the camera off” to make it falsely appear as if he made the statement while he was rising in anger.

    As for Trump’s saying “very deceptive,” he made the comment after a frustrated Budowich called out Morgan for dragging out the interview and falsely and repeatedly saying he had one last question, only to ask more.

    Trump had expected the interview to last 20 minutes, Budowich said, but it stretched on for more than an hour. Toward the end, Budowich called for the last question, but the audio appears to show that Morgan asked several more, including one related to “Celebrity Apprentice.”

    There you have it. The mainstream media can never be trusted to cover Donald Trump fairly. Even when he’s out of office.


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