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Trump and DeSantis Flooded with Hate and Death Wishes on Social Media as Hurricane Ian Devastated Florida

    Hurricane Ian has left a wake of devastation in its path across the Great State of Florida, but it has once again also exposed the great divide in this country.

    While Americans with a sense of decency and compassion were praying for the safety of their fellow human beings and making donations to charitable organizations like the Red Cross, there was the usual raff of malcontents seizing on the natural disaster to wish ill on the former President Donald Trump, who is reportedly residing in Mar-a-Lago, Florida. Governor Ron DeSantis, who has shown able leadership in Florida throughout the Covid crisis and now the hurricane disaster, was also not spared the vitriol.

    Here is but a sample of the radical left’s outpouring of hate for former President Trump and Gov. Ron DeSantis that has surfaced online:


    Occupy Democrats, a rabidly left-wing activist group, tweeted: “Dear Ian, You had one job…” along with a picture of Mar-a-Lago. It was soon deleted.

    It should be noted here that Occupy Democrats is far from the only left-wing group that appears to wish destruction on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago everytime there is a Florida hurricane.

    It happened with Hurricane Irma in 2017.

    Then with Hurricane Dorian in 2019.

    The same can be said now of Hurricane Ian in 2022.

    Thus, it is unsurprising that people would express such hateful and inappropriate thoughts online, but only about conservatives and Republicans. And that is exactly what many leftists did.

    “Is it wrong to wish for Hurricane Ian to flood Mar-a-Largo so badly that Trump can never stay there again?” filmmaker Chip Franklin tweeted.

    “I believe mother nature and God attempted to do that today at the MAGA headquarters, State of Florida,” Jeannie tweted. “Karma is a bitch.”

    “Since Trump is a climate change denier, wouldn’t it be poetic justice if Hurricane Ian — wiped Mar-a-Largo off the face of the earth?” Lakota Man remarked.

    “Would be a real shame if the hurricane swept through Mar-a-Lago and killed exactly ONE person,” one user said.

    “it’s really disappointing that mar-a-lago is likely to avoid the worst of that hurricane. if anywhere deserves to be returned to the sea, it’s that…” another user added.

    “The world would be a much better place if Hurricane Ian destroyed Mar-a-Lago and the state of Florida replaced it with a Spirit Halloween store,” Lee Mays commented.

    A slew of other hateful comments about Ron DeSantis:

    “ron desantis deserves to die,” one user plainly stated.

    “This tweet is not about the residents in Florida, it’s about CRAZY DESANTIS AND HIS WIFE! His wife got on and told everyone to cut the beaurocracy and help. She has the nerve! WHAT HAPPENED IS CALLED KARMA ON DESANTIS AND COMPANY! They could of hired those migrants!” another user ranted.

    The death toll for Hurricane Ian is already officially at 12 and rapidly rising. Normal human beings are wishing that everyone stay safe and their homes remain undamages by the storm. Unfortunately, not everyone is normal nowadays.


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