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A Heart Doctor’s Bombshell Revelation About the Covid Vaccines Finally Breaks the BBC

A cardiologist’s controversial appearance on the BBC has led to formal complaints with the General Medical Council, due to his unsettling revelations about the Covid mRNA vaccines being tied to excess mortality and an increased risk of heart issues.

Dr. Aseem Malhotra in his interview broke the BBC’s iron grip on the public conversation with a bombshell revelation for many who only subscribe to the official narrative on the Covid vaccines. Watch:

“Millions more people in England could be prescribed daily cholesterol lowering statin pills to cut their risk of a heart attack or stroke under new advice from the NHS,”  the BBC reporter began. “The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence says the cheap price of tablets and the possible health gains mean they should be considered more often in England. High cholesterol leads to around 7% of all deaths.”

“I’m joined now by Dr. Aseem Malhotra,” she continued. “He is a consultant, cardiologist and specializes in statins.”

“Yeah, so I have a great respect for NIHCE, but I think in this regard with statins, I think it is misguided,” Dr. Malhotra said. “And the reason I say that is I’ve managed thousands of people with heart disease in my career prescribed statins particularly to high risk people. I just want to, you know, emphasize that people who have had a heart attack or high risk, that’s where we see the greatest benefits of statins. But in this guidance, this basically applies to people who have a less than 10% risk. And if you have a less than 20% risk of having a heart attack or stroke in the next 10 years, one thing that we always tell patients when I describe statins or discuss it with them, is that there is, first of all know what we call mortality benefit. They’re not going to live any longer over a five-year period.”

“And the absolute benefits to them is about 1%, one in a hundred in preventing nonfatal heart attack or stroke,” the doctor continued. “So that informed decision-making needs to be part of the process in discussion with patients and and then help the patient make decision themselves.”

Then the doctor got to the crux of the issue by addressing the proverbial elephant in the room: Unhealthy lifestyles leading to increasing medical issues.

“The big issue really that’s ongoing, which has been… going on for years in this country,” he said. “So, we’ve not been addressing unhealthy lifestyles or certainly being effective in curbing unhealthy lifestyles. We have this big problem with the obesity epidemic. And when you look at heart disease, my own research has found this, is that the best way to prevent heart disease and even manage people with heart disease, whether or not they choose status, is actually through lifestyle changes.”

“So what does that mean?” he continued. “In simple terms, it means cutting out ultra-processed foods, which is now half of the British diet. So foods are coming out in a packet. They’re full of unhealthy oils, carbohydrates, sugar, for example, eating, real food, basically. Moderate exercise, at least 30 minutes, brisk walk a day. And also the other big sort of elephant in the room is stress reduction.”

“Now, on top of that… one of the reasons I think this has coming to the news to now is obviously there’s been a big concern recently around excess death,” he added. “Now, the British Heart Foundation, you’ve said certainly during the pandemic or since the pandemic, there’s been 30,000 excess deaths, specifically due to coronary artery disease.”

The doctor then suggested that the lack of statin pills being prescribed isn’t the problem, it’s actually that the Pfizer mRNA shots could be behind it.

“But what is almost certainly, and if you allow me to say this… what my own research has found, and this is something that is probably a lightly contributing factor, is that the Covid mRNA vaccines do carry a cardiovascular risk,” he said. “And I’ve actually called for the suspension of this pending an inquiry because there’s a lot of uncertainty at the moment about what’s causing the excess death.”

“Some of it will be ambulance delays,” he went on. “My own father, who was reported on BBC News in late 2021, I was the first to actually highlight the ambulance delays, because my own father suffered a cardiac arrest at home and the ambulance took 30 minutes. And when his postmortem came out, he had very severe cardiomyopathy, which is so unexplainable. I then published in a peer review journal, they accepted my findings that the likely cause of his death was two doses of the Pfizer mRNA vaccine he had six months earlier. So, can I just —”

This is when the BBC reporter jumped in.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I just want to jump in on that point. So what you’re saying in terms of the mRNA link to cardiovascular risk is that that is a proven, it’s been proven medically, has it scientifically…”

“So in medicine, you know, in any research that we do, it’s very difficult to always be absolutely conclusive,” the doctor replied. “So we go on like this. And there are lots of data… the highest quality data book called randomized control trial evidence. So there was a reanalysis in the journal Vaccine published recently where they found that the original trials of Pfizer Moderna with mRNA vaccine showed, and I just want to put this in absolute terms, because we don’t want to scare people unnecessarily, but the absolute risk of serious adverse events was at least one in 800.”

“And a lot of those are cardiovascular,” he continued. “And then, you were more likely in those trials to suffer a serious adverse event than to be hospitalized with Covid early on.”

This is quite the bombshell. Dr. Aseeem Malhotra here is demonstrating that the risk of a serious adverse event from the Covid vaccine was higher than the risk of being hospitalized early on in the pandemic. Now that the overwhelming majority of the public has antibodies from a prior infection, or natural immunity, as well as the reduced deadliness of the variants, the risk ratio for the Covid vaccines appears to be higher than the risk from Covid. This could be an explanation for why the excess mortality stubbornly refuses to drop, even after the introduction of the Covid mRNA vaccines.

“And I think the vaccine has certainly helped people who are high risk,” the doctor added, “But now we should be reassured the omicron and what’s circulating. It’s really no worse than the flu. And this is really time to pause the vaccine rollout and to really investigate this properly.”

Dr. Aseem Malhotra then strongly advised people to cut out ultra-processed foods. Since Covid hospitalization and obesity are strongly correlated, a healthy diet and lifestyle would do even more to prevent medical issues than more pills.

After complaints to the General Medical Council about Dr. Malhotra’s appearance, the GMC has issued a statement. Dr. Aseem Malhotra shared it on Twitter.

“Thank you for contacting us with your concerns about Dr. Aseem Mahltora (sic),” the GMC said. “We have carefully considered the information provided, and while we appreciate your reasons for writing to us, we don’t feel that these are issues that would warrant further GMC action being taken. We are sorry if this is not the outcome you were hoping for.”

“Whilst we recognize the sensitive nature of these matters, particularly in the current political climate, we don’t consider that the comments or posts made by the doctor call his fitness to practice into question which would require us to take regulatory action to restrict or prevent them from practicing in the UK,” the statement continued.

“We recognize that Dr. Malhotra has views on the Covid-19 MRNA vaccines that are at odds with the national and international scientific and medical communities,” the statement added. “We also recognize that his words are strong and there is a question about the accuracy of his statements. There is currently no evidence that Dr. Malhotra has engaged in the type of covid conspiracy conduct that has to date justified regulatory action.”

“In considering whether to investigate we have kept in mind that this must be balanced with a doctor’s rights under the Human Rights Act and specifically Article 10: Freedom of expression,” the statement noted. “Therefore, not all views expressed by doctors on Covid-19 related issues that are contrary to the majority of the scientific and medical community would raise concerns about the fitness to practice. We would not want to act to prevent scientific or other debate on issues, even if a view is more controversial.”

It is sad that the GMC has to remind people that doctors have the right to free expression and that scientific advancement requires debate. Such is the post-Covid world that we live in.

But there is a glimmer of hope: A doctor was able to share critical information about the Covid vaccines with the aim of allowing members of the public to make up their own minds about what is right for them. That is a step in the right direction, and more of this is sorely needed.


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