Here are the *EIGHT* Most Embarrassing Moments from Biden’s First Foreign Trip Overseas


The U.S. media has been gushing about President Biden’s first foreign trip while in the White House, but the real story is one of complete and total embarrassment. For the United States. For the American people. And quite possibly for our broken election system.

On Wednesday, Joe Biden departed from Washington to the United Kingdom on Air Force One to Royal Air Force Mildenhall to greet U.S. Air Force personnel stationed there.

As he exited from a Marine helicopter, he was attacked by a massive cicada. Watch:

“Watch out for the cicadas. It got me. I got one,” Biden later said to reporters.

But that wasn’t the real embarrassing part. It was shaking hands with military officers. It turns out, this is what makes one of his later awkward moments really cringeworthy.

On Thursday, Biden addressed the G7 summit and mixed up Syria and Libya no less than three times.

Also on Thursday, Biden make his first joke that he will “get in trouble” unless he follows the scripted list of reporters to call on.


“I’m sorry, I’m going to get in trouble with staff if I don’t do this the right way,’ he said, then calling on Jennifer Jacobs of Bloomberg.

On Friday, Biden “bumped elbows” with Boris Johnson’s wife and even appeared to look down her dress. Yikes. Watch:

Also on Friday, Joe Biden seemed to get “lost” before getting rescued by his wife Jill Biden, all to the laughter of those in attendance. Sad.

Also pitiful were the optics of Joe Biden trailing behind world leaders, which former press secretary Kayleigh McEnany found to be an apt metaphor.

Then there was his rambling, incoherent answer to a question on Tuesday. “I’m going to get in trouble,” he said. Again.


Let’s not forget Biden’s incredibly weird laugh when asked about his upcoming meeting with “killer” Russian president Vladimir Putin.

This is ahead of Biden’s meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin on Wednesday. God help us all.


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