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Hillary Clinton Wants to Kill the ‘Filibuster.’ The Reason She Gives is Just *Hilarious.*

Hillary Clinton this week expressed support for ending the filibuster, arguing that the Republican Party “does not respect the rule of law.”

When asked if she would end the filibuster during an interview for The Atlantic Festival’s Ideas Stage, Clinton said “absolutely.” She then pointed to the Republicans’ refusal to vote on Merrick Garland’s nomination to the Supreme Court in 2016.

“Keeping the filibuster now, when you’re dealing with a political party that does not respect the rule of law, does not even respect the process unless it works for them, you know, witness what they did to Merrick Garland when President Obama had every right to appoint a Supreme Court justice,” Clinton said.

In March, Hillary Clinton then argued that Democrats should remove the filibuster so they can railroad through their radical agenda.

“The filibuster stands in the way of a lot of legislation and whether or not it can be either reformed and amended or eliminated is what we will find out in next weeks,” Clinton said.

“It certainly should be lifted for constitutional matters, and I would put election law matters at the top of that list,” Clinton added.

Hillary Clinton is notorious for skirting the rule of law in nearly every way imaginable. She is the living embodiment of political corruption.

Perhaps the longest-running public saga over her infamous levels of corruption is the illicit email server she maintained while she worked at the State Department under former President Obama. Then, when these emails were subpoenaed, multiple devices were destroyed, including Blackberrys, and servers were wiped using BleachBit.

But of course, Hillary Clinton is now a champion for the “rule of law,” as she claims. Try not to laugh.


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