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Horrific Scene Out of Afghanistan: People are Seen Falling Off Airplanes in Desperate Attempt to Flee

As the country of Afghanistan descends into the theocratic nightmare of Taliban rule, there are harrowing reports that multiple people have been killed at Kabul International Airport.

The Taliban are seeking to impose murderous revenge against Afghanis who cooperated with the U.S. military effort, which came to an abrupt end on Sunday as the Commander-in-Chief was on vacation at his retreat in Camp David.

As the barbaric Islamic extremist group closed in around the capital of Kabul like a noose, people frantically attempted to flee their genocidal wrath. Sickeningly, men predominately forced themselves to the front of the line, ahead of women and children.

Images from inside one plane leaving the country confirm that most of those able to get on board were men.

The transport planes were absolutely packed with people attempting to flee the crumbling nation.

Afghan people were seen desperately attempting to board a plane that was leaving the country.

Most terrifying of all was footage showing human beings falling from a C-17 transport plane. (Graphic.)

“Footage shows 2 people falling off of a C17 -based on what we know, they were 2 young men attempting to hold onto the C17’s wheels- in attempt to flee Afghanistan with the Americans,” the military affairs account ASB News reported. “[One] of the men fell onto the roof of a random house.”

The scenes out of Afghanistan are some of the most haunting since the 9/11 attacks in the United States, when people were spotted jumping off the burning Twin Towers.

After that dark day in history, al Qaeda and the Taliban celebrated the murderous attack on America. Now, due to President Biden’s precipitous withdrawal from Afghanistan, the terrorists will be able to celebrate once again.


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