Congress Matt Gaetz, who led an insurrection within the Republican Party to change the Speaker from Kevin McCarthy to anybody else (preferably, Donald Trump) was hit with an ‘offer he can’t refuse’ on Thursday.

Vote to change the threshold in the caucus to remove the Speaker.

His counteroffer, delivered by Democratic Congressman Ro Khanna of California, is simply amazing.

“The American people are frustrated and exhausted with the corruption and role of big money in the halls of Congress,” Khanna said. “That is why I’m introducing a five point plan. First, ban all PAC and lobbyist money to Congressional campaigns. I don’t take a dime of it.”

“Second, ban completely stock trading and members of Congress from ever becoming lobbyists,” he continued. “Activists like Unusual Whales, Quiver, Quantitative, and the leaders at Crew have been mobilizing for this third term limits for members of Congress.”

“Fourth, term limits for Supreme Court Justices, and Fifth and Ethics Code for Supreme Court Justices,” he continued.

“This is common sense,” he added. “The people demand it, it’s time we give them back their government and we reform in Washington. We should have bipartisan support for this five point plan. ”

Matt Gaetz completely agrees, as reported by Unusual Whales.

“JUST IN: Matt Gaetz said he’ll change the motion to vacate threshold IF Congress enacts Rep Ro Khanna reform plan that: – bans Congress stock trading – bans Congress from lobbying – 12 year term limits – ban lobbyist/PAC donations,” Unusual Wales, noting that Khanna mentioned the reform activist in his floor speech.

Matt Gaetz, while moving to vacate the chair by Kevin McCarthy, loudly drew boos when exposing the Congressmembers’ affinity for lobbyist and special interest money.

“While debating on the motion to oust Speaker Kevin McCarthy, FL Rep. Matt Gaetz was booed by fellow Republicans for calling out lawmakers who ‘grovel and bend knee for the lobbyists … who own [House] leadership’,” NowThis reported.

“Boo all you want!” he added.

There are certainly a lot of Washington D.C. politicians booing at the reforms like the ones supporting by Ro Khanna and backed by Matt Gaetz.

But if these reforms would ever come to pass, it might be the first time in a long time that Washington D.C. politicians actually did something worth cheering.


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