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House Impeachment Managers Get Blowback Over ‘Deceptively Edited’ Capitol Riot Montage

House Democrats unveiled a deceptively edited montage at the first day of the second Senate impeachment trial for former president Donald Trump.

Watch the full video below:

There was one thing that people immediately noticed about the montage: It dropped the quote where Donald Trump told protesters to “peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.”

There was even more blowback:

It also didn’t show Capitol Police holding the doors open for protesters or moving barricades.

The reaction at the White House is telling.

The House Impeachment Managers’ video montage shown to the U.S. Senate would get you banned for ‘deceptive editing’ if it were about a Democratic president.

Trump’s legal team will fortunately have their chance to respond and to give the American people the truth. If the mainstream media decide to show it.

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