Hunter Biden Stops Presidential Motorcade — He Had a Major Craving That Joe Couldn’t Resist

Written by Kyle Becker

Where’s Hunter?

On Sunday, the now First Son was with his father in a presidential motorcade on the way to mass at a church in Georgetown. The shadowy figure, who has been at the center of a federal investigation since 2018, made a simple request that his pops couldn’t resist.

Matt Viser of the Washington Post reported on Hunter Biden’s urgent matter:

Bagels? Sure, why not. The news media gushed about the adorable father-son bonding over the tasty baked goods.


There is an obvious problem with this story. It’s not the Hunter Biden story that the mainstream press should be covering.

As several more serious commentators noted:


Does anyone remember the mainstream press doing a “bagel run” story with Donald Trump and either Eric Trump or Donald Trump Jr. when the former president was in office? No, they don’t.

Because much like the bagels that were picked in Georgetown, the mainstream press is in the bag for the Bidens.

OPINION: This article contains commentary which reflects the author's opinion.