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‘I See a Civil War Coming’: Trump Rally Attendee Stuns MSNBC with Warning for Out-of-Control DC Politicians

    Donald Trump held a record-setting rally at the State Fairgrounds in Des Moines on Saturday. The mainstream media descended on the rally’s attendees to obtain provocative soundbites from the crowd.

    Trump rally goers in Iowa had a sobering message for America, MSNBC reported. Some believe that “a civil war is coming.”

    “I can see it’s a bit of a circus there behind you,” Alex Witt snidely commented. “What are you seeing and hearing?”

    “You know the old proverb absence makes the heart grow fonder,” MSNBC’s Gary Grumbach reported. “That’s exactly the situation here on the ground in Iowa.”

    “A poll out this week from the Des Moines Register shows that Donald Trump has more support and more favorability in this state right now than he did when he was president,” the reporter noted. “53% of respondents to this poll said they viewed him favorably. That’s a higher number than Governor Kim Reynolds and even long-time Senator Chuck Grassley.”

    “Another question in the poll was about whether people think the country is on the right track or going off on the wrong track. 70% of the country said they believe it’s going on the wrong track, and that’s sort of a line up of what we’re seeing in terms of Biden approval ratings from Quinnipiac and others,” the report added.

    “I talked to folks out here who are simply just angry. They’re upset with the way the country is going right now, and frankly, they’re upset with the way the Republican Party is handling everything,” the reporter said. “Here’s what one woman had to say.”

    “I think the Republicans are about as weak as they possibly could be in Congress,” Iowa rally goer Lori Levi said. “You have maybe six that are worth their salt. Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, and two or three others. The rest of them are just the same as the Democrats. They’ve been there too long. They’re establishment. They don’t care about the American people because they’re in their elite little tower.”

    “So we’re just sick of it, you know, and we’re not going to take it anymore,” she added. “I see a Civil War coming. I do. I see Civil War coming.”

    “A Civil War coming,” the reporter said for emphasis. “That’s what she said, and that’s the sentiment that we’re hearing from a number of people on the ground here today at Trump’s rally.”

    Donald Trump spoke to the frustrations of the American people while in the battleground caucus state.

    “We’re going to take America back,” he said to the massive audience.

    ​”As disastrous as the Biden administration has been, no one can blame the great state of Iowa, because boy we did really — we did really good here,” he said. “Iowa, what a place.”

    Trump also unveiled a potential 2024 campaign slogan: “Make America Great Again – Again.”​


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