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‘I Think We’re Done Here’: Jen Psaki Snaps After Hunter Biden Laptop Question, Shuts Down Reporter

    White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki snapped at a reporter at Friday’s press conference when he had the audacity to bring up Hunter Biden’s ‘laptop from hell.’ Watch:

    “Thanks, Jen. I’ve got a quick clarification and two questions about presidential conflicts of interest in foreign affairs,” the reporter asked.

    “The first brief clarification is: The New York Times reported this week that the First Son remains under criminal investigation,” he asked. “Does the President still intend to stay out of that case?”

    “Yes. It’s the Department of Justice, and I would point you to them,” she responded.

    “And my two questions about conflicts of interest in foreign affairs,” he continued. “First, I have a question about Russia and then one about China.”

    “On Russia: You told me last year that you were unfamiliar with the Senate report that alleged that the First Son — or a company linked to the First Son received $3.5 million from the richest woman in Russia,” he said.

    “Subsequent reporting indicates that President Biden, when he was Vice President, had a dinner in Georgetown with the same woman in 2015,” he added. “This — Yelena Baturina, she has not been sanctioned yet by the U.S. government. How is President Biden navigating conflicts of interest when it comes to sanctioning people who have done business with his family? And can you explain to us what this $3.5 million was for?”

    “I don’t have any confirmation of the accuracy of that report, so I have no more further details,” she retorted.

    “Can you say anything about the conflicts of interest, though — how he’s navigating those when deciding sanctions?” he asked.

    “What would be his conflicts of interest?” she asked back.

    “Well, his son’s company allegedly got $3.5 million from —”

    “He — which I have no confirmation of,” Psaki replied. “And he has continued to sanction oligarchs more than we’ve ever sanctioned in the past. I’m not sure that’s a conflict of interest, though.”

    “But she hasn’t been sanctioned, though.”

    “Go ahead,” she said and looked away. “Thank you go ahead.”

    “She hasn’t been sanctioned, though. She has —”

    “I have a question about Russia now. My –”

    “Thank you,” she said. “Go ahead.”

    “I think we’re moving on because we got to get to more people,” she said. “Go ahead,” she added to the reporter.

    “My question about the conflict of interests when it comes to China is: Last year, the First Son’s attorney said that he divested from a Chinese investment fund controlled by Chinese state-owned entities,” the reporter asked. “We have received not even basic transparency about who bought out his stake, when this happened, and how much money changed hands.  Did he actually divest?  And if so, can you agree to basic transparency?”

    “He’s a private citizen,” she snapped. “He doesn’t work for the government.  I’d point you to his representatives. ”

    “Thank you,” she added.

    “But there’s a blaring conflict of interest for his father’s role as President, dealing with China,” he noted.

    “I think we’re done here,” she said.

    This week, the New York Times provided further confirmation that the U.S. media, the Intelligence Community, and Joe Biden himself lied when they denied the authenticity of Hunter Biden’s laptop and called it probable ‘Russian disinformation.’

    “Last year, prosecutors interviewed Mr. Archer and subpoenaed him for documents and grand jury testimony, the people said. Mr. Archer, who was sentenced last month in an unrelated securities fraud case in which a decision to set aside his conviction was reversed, had served with Mr. Biden on Burisma’s board, starting in 2014,” the Times reported.

    “People familiar with the investigation said prosecutors had examined emails between Mr. Biden, Mr. Archer and others about Burisma and other foreign business activity,” the report added. “Those emails were obtained by The New York Times from a cache of files that appears to have come from a laptop abandoned by Mr. Biden in a Delaware repair shop. The email and others in the cache were authenticated by people familiar with them and with the investigation.”

    “In some of the emails, Mr. Biden displayed a familiarity with FARA, and a desire to avoid triggering it,” the report noted.

    The Hunter Biden laptop has become a national security nightmare for the Biden administration and the American people. This news comes at a time when events in Russia, Ukraine, and China have become major foreign threats. The question now: How much did Joe know about his son’s shady business deals and who is the “Big Guy” who got ten percent?

    Jen Psaki is wise not to want to shoot straight on such questions. The ugly truth is obviously not something she believes the American people can handle.


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