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Ilhan Omar Loses It Over What ‘Far Right Insurrectionists’ Were Able to Win in Their Speaker Battle with McCarthy

    Ilhan Omar called the twenty House Republicans who were able to win concessions from Kevin McCarthy after fifteen Speaker votes ‘far right insurrectionists’ in a Twitter tirade.

    “McCarthy just agreed to a deal with far right insurrectionists that would hold the entire US and global economy hostage to extreme cuts to everything from housing to education, healthcare, Social Security and Medicare,” Omar tweeted hours before McCarthy was elected Speaker of the House.

    “Hard to overstate how dangerous this is,” Omar added.

    Omar added that the GOP rebels were thus able to secure a rules package through the negotiations with McCarthy.

    “This would mean once the Speaker is elected, the rule package the Freedom Caucus negotiated fails and a rules package that doesn’t have any of the concessions passes,” she added.

    Omar’s tweet was derided by conservatives on Twitter who took exception to her characterization that the compromise with McCarthy’s opposition was “dangerous.”

    “Only far-right insurrectionists want to cut spending?”  Twitchy Managing Editor Samantha Janney tweeted. “LOL.”

    “Dangerous freedom > peaceful slavery,” conservative commentators “The Hodge Twins” added.

    “Democrats just pushed through a $1.7 Trillion Omnibus Bill, and you’re worried about spending more money already,” former Florida Republican House Candidate Vic DeGrammont posted. “Sounds like that deal was needed!”

    On Saturday night, Matt Gaetz revealed what this rules package included.

    “This is what we’ve been fighting for,” Gaetz said in response to an NBC News report on the McCarthy concessions.

    The report notes that these provisions include a vote on “cutting IRS funding, restricting migration and curtailing abortion.”

    If this is considered “dangerous” by reckless Squad members like Ilhan Omar, then the GOP might finally be getting onto the right track.


    ‘This is What We’ve Been Fighting For’: Matt Gaetz Reveals What GOP Rebels Were Able to Get Out of Battle with McCarthy

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