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Infamous Trump-Supporting Meme Master is Back On Twitter — His First Tweet is Hilarious

Carpe Donktum, one of the most ‘infamous’ Trump-supporting meme masters, is back on Twitter. And his first tweet is just hilarious.

“After 2 years of being suspended, I am having a hard time finding the words to express the thoughts and emotions I am feeling,” Carpe Donktum said. “This must be what John Fetterman feels like all the time.”

The Twitter reaction to the return of the once-banned meme artist was enthusiastic.

“Greatest comeback tweet ever!” Seth Weathers replied.

“Welcome back,” said Juanita Broaddrick, whose own account was just restored.

“Welcome back brother,” Catturd tweeted.

“You are a political humorist, and a good one,” Jim Stinson remarked. “The fact you were targeted by humorless bastards at CNN and on the Left, et al., is disgraceful.”

Carpe Donktum explained what had transpired in the interim period between his banning and his triumphant return.

“Just in case you were wondering what was going on with me over the last 2 and a half years,” he said. “I got sued, and after mucho $$$$ the case was dismissed and there were zero repercussions for the people who filed the lawsuit. Lots of other stuff happened too.”

The lawsuit came from CNN and the parents of two toddlers from a viral meme that Carpe Donktum, real name Logan Cook, had posted on Twitter.

The original clip shows two toddlers, one black child and one white child, running up to each other and hugging. Carpe Donktum added a fake CNN chyron reading: “Terrified toddler runs away from racist baby.”

The satirical video meme was thus an obvious criticism of the way that left-wing corporate media misreport news in order to stoke race wars.

Both Facebook and Twitter took the video down after the parents of the children filed a copyright complaint, and before that Twitter labeled the video “manipulated media.”

Since Cook had prevailed in his lawsuit, he went ahead and reposted the clip, for old time’s sake.

“Some have been asking me to repost the video that got me banned and sued,” he said. “Okie Doke. *Heads up Twitter, I WON the case, you can’t ban me again for reposting.”

Both Facebook and Twitter had taken the video down after the parents of the children filed a copyright complaint. Twitter had labeled the obvious meme “manipulated media.”

The attorney representing the parents issued a statement at the time that proved to be 100% wrong.

“The fact that Twitter and Facebook disabled this fake video within 24 hours of President Trump and his campaign tweeting it, coupled with Twitter permanently banning Cook, is very strong evidence that a jury will likely find that all of these people broke the law by using this video as advertisement and political propaganda,” said Ven Johnson, one of the attorneys representing the parents.

Former President Trump reportedly called Cook a “genius” when he visited the White House last year. It promises to be a much better New Year on Elon Musk’s Twitter with Carpe Donktum on board.


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