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It’s a California ‘Miracle’: Governor Gavin Newsom Now Expected to Lift Coronavirus Lockdowns

    California Governor Gavin Newsom is finally expected to relent and cease tormenting citizens and businesses with his unlawful lockdown orders.

    The miraculous news that a parting of the sea of unlawful decrees comes by way of a letter by the California Restaurant Association.

    The letter states that “senior officials in the Newsom administration informed us (the CRA) that the Governor will announce tomorrow that the stay-at-home order will be lifted in all regions of the state.”

    A statement from the governor’s office was then obtained by NBC News:

    “We see promising signs that California is slowly emerging from the most intense stage of this pandemic. We continue to look at what that means for the Regional Stay at Home order and anticipate that the state Department of Public Health will provide a formal update tomorrow morning,” said Brian Ferguson, the Deputy Director for Crisis Communication & Public Affairs from the Governor’s Office.

    As if on cue, Newsom seems to be following in the wake of three other governors who are relenting in their lockdown edicts: Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

    NBC News is explaining the change in California as a shift in the core COVID-19 data.

    Hospitalizations and newly confirmed cases have been falling in California, and health officials are growing more optimistic that the worst of the latest surge is over. The number of people in the hospital with COVID-19 has slipped below 19,000 statewide, a drop of more than 10% in two weeks.

    The positivity rate for people being tested has dropped by 15% statewide in the last week, which means fewer people will end up in hospitals.

    In Los Angeles County, the state’s most populous, the test positivity rate has plummeted 39% over the past three weeks, health officials said.

    But is the reality on the ground of the coronavirus pandemic changing or is simply the testing changing? The WHO recently issued guidance that there be more stringent PCR testing so that there are fewer “false positives.”

    The California governor has been whispered about as future presidential candidate fodder, but is actually under a recall threat.

    Newsom is also receiving heat for a brewing COVID data scandal. As reported earlier by the AP (similar to what we have seen with Gov. Cuomo’s nursing home data):

    California Gov. Gavin Newsom has from the start said his coronavirus policy decisions would be driven by data shared with the public to provide maximum transparency.

    But with the state starting to emerge from its worst surge, his administration won’t disclose key information that will help determine when his latest stay-at-home order is lifted.

    This kind of pressure was a strong indicator that the Democratic governor might soon retreat on his lockdown decree. The San Francisco Gate has also been pressuring Newsom since Biden’s election.

    The main question about the timing of these lockdown mandates being lifted: What really changed?


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