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Jeffrey Epstein’s Pilot Just Testified in Ghislaine Maxwell Trial — This is What He Said About Trump, Clinton & Spacey

The high-profile case of Ghislaine Maxwell may have flown underneath the radar for the majority of the American public thus far. But on Tuesday, the testimony of a former pilot for the now-deceased Jeffrey Epstein is making a splash in the media.

The trial of Maxwell, an influential madame who is implicated in the Epstein sex trafficking and child exploitation ring, threatens to rope into the limelight the seedy business that globalist elites have been undertaking in the shadows. The trial promises to be a story of sex, power, and, hopefully, justice.

It is nonetheless not being broadcast on television, as the Rittenhouse case was only weeks ago. One may listen to the trial, however, by dial-in phone number.

Epstein’s pilot on the so-called “Lolita Express,” named after the Nabokov novel “Lolita” to suggest underage sex, testified on Tuesday about the potentates who have ridden on Epstein’s private planes. The headline-grabbing names of Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, and Kevin Spacey, among other celebrities, were all mentioned by the pilot, who is named Lawrence Visoski Jr.

“Jeffrey Epstein’s pilot of almost 30 years recalled shuttling several bold-faced acquaintances of the disgraced financier, as well as meeting one of the girls prosecutors say was just 14-years-old when Epstein began abusing her,” Bloomberg reported.

“Lawrence Visoski Jr. said on his second day testifying in the sex-trafficking trial of Epstein’s ex-girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell that a ‘mature woman’ with striking blue eyes identified by prosecutors as ‘Jane’ was brought by Epstein to the cockpit sometime in the mid 1990s in Palm Beach, Florida,” the report added.

“Visoski also said that Epstein once asked him to fly the jet to Traverse City, Michigan, where the Interlochen Center for the Arts for gifted children is located, to pick up luggage,” the report noted. “Prosecutors say Jane, a singer, was about 14 when she met Epstein and Maxwell at Interlochen, while sitting on a park bench during a break.  The jury was shown flight logs and birth certificates of alleged victims.”

The fascinating thing about Visotski’s testimony is that he swears he “never” saw any women who appeared to him to be underage.

“Under cross-examination by Maxwell’s lawyer Chris Everdell, Visoski said he ‘never’ saw any females who appeared to be under the age of 20 during the three decades he piloted Epstein’s various planes nor any illegal activity aboard when he’d leave the cockpit to use the restroom,” Bloomberg said.

“He also testified to the high society that Epstein and Maxwell kept, naming several famous passengers that he flew — though the names aren’t new,” the report continued. “He recalled comedian Chris Tucker, actor Kevin Spacey, and former presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump.”

“Clinton flew on the Epstein planes ‘a couple of times’ in the 1990s, and Trump, he said, flew more than once,” the story added.

The suspiciously timed death of Jeffrey Epstein appears to have made an impression on the public. It looks like the witnesses in the Ghislaine Maxwell thus far have gotten the message loud and clear.


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