Jen Psaki Actually ‘Circles Back’ to a Reporter. Hilarity Ensues.

Written by Kyle Becker

Jen Psaki is already famous for her “umms” as this unexpectedly captivating montage illustrates.

It is also a running gag at the old White House Press Secretary office that the few reporters intrepid enough to ask tough questions are summarily dismissed with a casual let me “circle back” to you.

This has happened countless times to reporters:


Then there was this infamous moment when Psaki was stumped by a pointed question from Newsmax’s Emerald Robinson, where she had to stop herself from saying she’ll “circle back”:

Emerald Robinson was not amused by the lack of follow-up:

Grabien’s Tom Elliott also did a great supercut of Psaki’s “circle backs”:

Then on Friday, this joke actually came “full circle,” so to speak. Psaki actually did try to “circle back” on a question. Hilarity ensues. Watch:


This is the White House Press Secretary’s “one job,” folks.

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