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Jen Psaki Attacks Border Patrol Over Debunked Horse-Whipping Story That Has Forced Retractions

White House Press Secretary continued to perpetuate a false narrative on Monday by attacking the border patrol over a debunked story that alleged agents were ‘whipping’ Haitian illegal migrants attempting to cross the border.

“And the El Paso Times put out a clarification saying, it was not an actual whip,” a reporter asked. “Does that change anything for the administration in light of the statements that were made last week?”

“I don’t think anyone could look at those photos and think that was appropriate action or behavior, or something that should be accepted within our administration,” she continued. “There’s an investigation that’s ongoing. We’ll let that play out, but our reaction to the photos has not changed.”

Psaki also confirmed that the border patrol agents have been suspended over the left-wing hoax.

“There is a reason that these horse patrols have been in place and continue to be in place in some parts across the country,” she said. “Of course, our Department of Homeland Security will continue to look at and assess, especially as the investigation concludes, what that looks like. They have been suspended in Del Rio, Texas. That was a step in response, of course, directly to those horrific photos.”

The photographer who took the photos, Paul Ratje, told KTSM that the pictures can be “misconstrued.”

“Some of the Haitian men started running, trying to go around the horses,” Ratje said.

“I’ve never seen them whip anyone,” Ratje said. “He was swinging it, but it can be misconstrued when you’re looking at the picture.”

Axios on Sunday had to remove a post that claimed that the migrants were being ‘whipped at.”

“We deleted a previous tweet that referred to Border Patrol agents as whipping at Haitian migrants. The story has been updated to include comments from some journalists on the border who did not see whipping occur,” Axios said in a Twitter statement on Sunday.

The backlash was immense against the post, which was reported for ‘disinformation.’

The White House continues to exist in an alternative reality, and even more disturbing, is making destructive policies based on that false reality. The only cure will be American voters who live in truth and rebel against the tyrannical lies.


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