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Jen Psaki Goes Into a Full-Blown ‘Crisis’ After CNN’s ‘Kids in Cages’ Question

    Press Secretary Jen Psaki was clearly caught off-guard at Thursday’s White House press conference. CNN’s question about the “border crisis” led to so much spinning it will make you dizzy.

    Watch the exchange below:

    “A question on the border,” CNN’s Kaitlan Collins began. “The administration has refused to call it a ‘crisis,’ instead referring to it as a ‘challenge,’ and saying what you call it doesn’t make a difference, it’s how you’re responding to it. But now, today, there are over 3,700 children, unaccompanied migrant children in Border Patrol custody. They’re spending on average over 100 hours, four days, in these facilities that are jail-like facilities, not meant for children. So how can you say that’s not a crisis?”

    “Well, I think what Ambassador Jacobson and Secretary Mayorkas were conveying and what I’ve conveyed is it doesn’t matter what you call it,” Psaki nonsensically responded. “It is an enormous challenge. It is something that is front and center for the President.”

    “As I noted yesterday, he had what is a regular meeting, but he had a briefing yesterday on the trip to the border,’ Psaki continued. “And there are a number of — while there are no final policy decisions, there are a variety of of actions under consideration, including identifying and assessing other licensed facilities that can help add safe capacity for these children. Re-launching, as we talked about over the last couple of days, the Central American Minors Program, accelerating the unification of children with vetted families — family and sponsors. Steps like embedding HHS and ORR in the earlier parts of the process.”

    “So, you know, the President is very focused and very in the weeds on the operational details here and on taking and pushing his team to take every step that can be taken to address exactly what you noted, Kaitlan, which is the fact that children should not — these Border Patrol facilities are not made for children,” Psaki went on.

    “That we are focused on expediting the time they spend there, that these HHS shelters are not meant for permanently —for permanent living, for anyone permanently living there,” Psaki added. “That we want to expedite the time between when kids cross the border and when they are getting to sponsor homes. So our focus here is on getting to the root of the issues and taking actions, and we don’t feel the need to, you know, play games with what it’s called.”

    “But aren’t those the steps that you would take if it was a crisis that you had on your hands?” Collins pressed, unfazed.

    “These are the policies we’re taking to address what we feel is a vital human challenge at the border,” Psaki replied. “But what our responsibility here is to do is to project and convey what policies we’re taking, what the President’s commitment is. That’s exactly what we’re doing and we don’t see the need to put new labels.”

    The Biden administration is thus not only refusing to acknowledge the border crisis, it is actually taking steps to import more foreign migrants to the United States. The White House is actually intentionally making the “crisis” worse.

    At least one CNN reporter pressed Psaki on the White House’s misleading use of language to mask its disastrous policies. Pigs really can fly.


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