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Jen Psaki Reveals the Actual Reason Behind Appealing the Mask Mandate Ruling: Preserving the CDC’s ‘Authority’

    White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Wednesday revealed the actual reason why the Biden administration is appealing a federal court ruling that struck down its national mask mandate for public transportation.

    In an astounding display of tortured reasoning, Psaki gave a convoluted response on the way to ultimately divulging what it is all about. Watch:

    “The DOJ said yesterday that they would decide essentially whether or not to appeal that ruling based on what the CDC says they need or don’t need. Is the White House or the Cabinet involved in any way in that decision-making process?” a reporter asked.

    “Well, we are entirely able to, and legally able to be a part of the discussion, but right now, we of course are deferring to the CDC on what they believe is needed at this moment,” Psaki said. “They have already have, they obviously put in place this two week extension because they felt they needed that to take a look at the data, given that we’ve seen a rise in cases.”

    “So we certainly anticipate to hear more from them soon on their ask for for being able to have that time, which we think is entirely warranted,” she continued. “And the Department of Justice, as you noted, has indicated that they would appeal not just because they think it’s entirely reasonable. Of course, to have this additional time to look at it, but because they think that the current — for current and future public health crises, we want to preserve that authority for the CDC to have in the future.”

    Just to be clear, the entire basis of the federal court ruling in Tampa, Florida is that the CDC lacks the authority to issue such “mandates” to begin with. The CDC is not an elected body. Its bureaucrats are not dictators. Each state has its own laws, and the United States government has a legislature to pass bills into laws. American citizens have rights and there is this legal concept known as “due process.” This is basic “Schoolhouse Rock” stuff. But apparently, the Biden administration doesn’t get it.

    But the 800-pound gorilla in the room is that Biden administration wants to abuse the CDC’s perceived authority to justify illegally rigging state elections under no longer existent “pandemic” conditions in much the same way that Democrats rigged elections in swing states in 2020.

    That is what this is all about. The CDC even issued a release that underscored the point that the agency wants to preserve its pretend authority.

    Again, these are not elected officials. There is no “Covid clause” in the U.S. Constitution.

    But Democrats will continue to violate their oaths of office and abuse Americans’ rights until people finally say ‘enough.’ Because it’s not about “health” to them. It’s not about “science.” It is all about “authority.” And it has been that way from the very beginning.


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