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Joe Biden Enters 2022 with Worst Approval Ratings of His Presidency

Joe Biden may not know what year it is, but he is presently entering 2022 with the worst approval ratings of his presidency.

“President Biden‘s disapproval rating reached a new high in December, according to a new CNBC-Change Research poll,” the Hill reported.

The CNBC-Change survey showed an increase to 56 percent of voters disapproving of Biden’s performance in office.  This is an increase from 54 percent in September and 49 percent in April. Biden’s approval rating is now just 44 percent.

One of the driving factors behind his plummeting approval is his mishandling of the economy and the COVID-19 pandemic.

The poll said that 60 percent of respondents are dissatisfied with Biden’s handling of the economy, while 55 percent disapprove of his Covid response.

Biden’s claimed at the October presidential debate that he would “end” Covid. This was one of the primary factors that at least some of the purported 81 million voters cast their ballot for him.

“Anyone who is responsible for that many deaths should not remain as President of the United States,” Biden said.

Nonetheless, U.S.’ Covid-related deaths in 2021 have surpassed those of 2020, despite there being purportedly “100% safe and effective” vaccines.

Furthermore, Biden recently admitted that there was no “federal solution” for Covid. This gives Americans the impression he has no idea what he is doing.

Speaking of which, Biden recently said that Americans have cause for optimism… in 2020.

“There is a lot of reason to be hopeful in 2020,” Biden said.

If this actually were 2020 and we could undo the election, there might actually be a cause to be more optimistic. Instead, the American people can look forward to more endless incompetency and tyranny out of the Democratic Party.


WATCH: Joe Biden Has No Idea What Year It Is

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