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Joe Biden Gets Ultimate Insult After His Humiliating ‘Fist Bump’ with Saudi Prince MBS

    President Joe Biden’s ingratiating request for the Saudi Crown Prince to significantly increase oil production in order to bring down global prices is apparently falling on deaf ears.

    Prince Mohammed bin Salman, also known as MBS, has listened to Biden’s humiliating request and has ‘rejected’ it, according to a Fox News report. MBS delivered the stunning rejection on Saturday. Watch:

    “We ended yesterday here in Saudi Arabia listening to the president talk about how he had a productive conversation with the Saudi crown prince and that within the next couple weeks gas prices were going to start to come down in the United States because of something that he agreed to privately with Mohamed bin Salman,” Fox News’ Peter Doocy said. “But MBS then comes out today, steps up to the mic to say that the Saudis ’ capacity, the maximum capacity right now — which is about 12 million barrels — can only go up a little bit more, if at all. Listen to this.”

    “The kingdom will play its role in this era as it attempts to increase the maximum sustainable capacity to more than 13 million barrels,” MBS said. “Beyond that, the kingdom will not have any further production capacity.”

    “So that would mean the capacity at the most could go about a million more barrels a day here in Saudi Arabia,” Doocy remarked. “A million barrels a day is what President Biden is releasing from its strategic petroleum reserve.”


    “And as we’ve seen, it’s really not having a big impact on gas prices, at least not at this point,’ Doocy noted. “It’s also unclear what President Biden thinks about what MBS just said publicly, but he really shouldn’t be surprised, because we had this clip of Emmanuel Macron two weeks ago at the G7 telling Biden this was going to happen.”

    U.S. President Joe Biden took a humiliating tour in Saudi Arabia on Friday, as part of a a Middle East trip that had earlier included stops with Israeli and Palestinian leaders.

    Amid the backdrop of the president pleading with the Saudis to increase their oil production, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud, also known as MBS, laughed at Biden to his face.

    “President Biden, is Saudi Arabia still a pariah?” a reporter shouted as MBS bore a smug grin.

    The reporter was escorted out of the room, President Biden and the Saudi Crown Prince ignored the reporter’s question.

    Critically, President Biden’s groveling to the Saudis is not only embarrassing, it is entirely unnecessary.

    “As President Joe Biden travels to Saudi Arabia this week to ask for increased energy production from the Middle Eastern nation, American energy industry representatives say Biden should be looking stateside instead,” Fox Digital reported.

    “We think Texas is a lot closer than Saudi Arabia,’ American Exploration and Production Council CEO Anne Bradbury told Fox News Digital. “And President Biden does not need to be traveling halfway around the world searching for solutions to this energy crisis when the solution is right here at home.”

    “If the administration is serious about increasing supply, they should be meeting with producers here at home instead of looking to governments overseas,” added American Petroleum Institute spokeswoman Christina Noel.


    The White House on Friday nonetheless said Saudi Arabia had committed to increasing oil production—a move that will help “stabilize” markets.

    “The commitment from Saudi Arabia came after bilateral meetings between President Biden and administration officials and King Salman bin Abdulaziz al Said and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, as well as Saudi Ministers,” the White House announced.

    Energy experts do not believe the slightly increased oil production will do much to lower the price of gas in the United States.

    Biden had vowed to make Saudi Arabia a ‘pariah’ state in the aftermath of the assassination of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi, which implicated the Saudi Crown Prince. It turns out that the actual ‘pariah’ is Biden himself.


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