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Joe Biden Walks By Marines and Mumbles a Phrase That Has Americans Disturbed

    President Joe Biden’s behavior in recent months has left many Americans concerned that the long-time politician is being manipulated by handlers.

    Biden inexplitably mumbled an odd phrase out loud while walking by marines standing at attention.

    “Salute the Marines,” he says to his wife Jill Biden. Then he proceeds not to salute the Marines.

    Extremely bizarre behavior from the Commander-in-Chief.

    Some believe that he may have had an earpiece, although one does not appear to be visible here.

    The apparent verbal miscue reminds one of an episode in September where Biden read a teleprompter line, including the phrase “end of quote.”

    Biden has admitted that he has difficulty reading telemprompters.

    Meanwhile, others noted that Biden did not seem to have adequately read the executive orders and actions before signing them yesterday.

    Very disturbing behavior from who is now the most powerful man in the world.

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