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John Kerry Busted Telling Whopper Over Private Jet Travel, Threatens More Climate Mandates

Biden’s Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry revealed that more climate mandates are coming in an interview with Yahoo News! reporter Ben Adler published on Friday.

“Well, we’re doing a lot more than just the IRA [Inflation Reduction Act],” Kerry said. “The IRA is just a package that in-and-of-itself could get the 40 percent [emissions below 2005 levels by 2030]. But in addition to that, the president is issuing executive orders. There will be changes on automobile, light truck, heavy truck, heavy duty. A number of initiatives being taken by states, some national. Cities. They really kept us in the game, frankly, during the Trump administration, when he pulled out of the [Paris] Agreement.”

“Seventy-percent of the new electricity that came online curing the Trump administration came from renewable resources,” Kerry added.

Kerry also remarked on new emissions targets in the context of a new Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report.

“You mentioned the recent IPCC report, came out Monday,”Adler said. “And obviously, very sobering, like those reports always are. And the big news out of it was that in addition to the 43% cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 that they’ve already said we need to make, in addition, they say now a 60% reduction by 2035. So that’s a steep drop in the early 2030s. And obviously, what happens in the early 2030s is really being determined by the policy that we make right now.”

“Correct,” he replied.

“So do you think the world can get there?” Adler asked. “Do you think that these next few climate conferences, the COPs will bring forth pledges that big and plans to actually meet those pledges?”

“I know that the world can get there, but I am not convinced that we will,” he replied. “And the biggest reason is there’s a business as usual attitude in too many places in the world. There are some CEOs still of major corporations who have not moved their companies or haven’t bought in to scientific facts. There are sort of different cultures and different universe of facts that are passing each other day and night. And that’s a challenge. It’s a serious challenge.”

But at another point in the interview, Kerry was challenged about his own carbon emissions due to private jet travel.

“You recently switched, I read, from flying private to flying commercial,” Adler remarked.

“No, I didn’t fly private while I was in this job,” Kerry claimed.

“Oh, okay,” Adler replied.

“It’s just a misnomer,” Kerry went on. “I’ve had one, maybe two private flights, which were US military flights in order to get to China during Covid, where we were forced into that.”

“But I fly commercially,” he said.

Not so fast. According to federal data, John Kerry’s family jet emitted over 300 metric tons of carbon dioxide since the Biden administration began running up to July 2022.

“Kerry’s family jet, a Gulfstream GIV-SP, has made a total of 48 trips lasting more than 60 hours and emitted an estimated 715,886 pounds, or 325 metric tons, of carbon since President Biden was sworn into office, according to federal data obtained by Fox News Digital via FlightAware. The plane belongs to Flying Squirrel LLC., a charter company owned by Kerry’s wife Teresa Heinz-Kerry and in which Kerry reported owning a more than $1 million stake on his most recent financial disclosure,” the report stated.

“President Biden appointed Kerry to lead the State Department’s global climate policy outreach shortly after taking office in January 2021,” the report added. “Since then, Kerry has traveled around the world to United Nations (UN) climate conferences, meetings with international heads of state and the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland.”

The report added that the climate envoy flew to the Petersberg Climate Dialogue in Berlin, Germany, which held a UN summit with represenatives from 40 countries to negotiate emissions reductions and climate financing for developing nations.

“No,” a Kerry spokesperson said in an email to Fox News Digital when asked if he would travel to Germany via private jet.

“Secretary Kerry travels commercially or via military air in his role as Special Presidential Envoy for Climate,” the spokesperson added.

In 2019, Kerry took a private jet to Iceland to receive the Arctic Circle award for climate leadership.

Kerry defended his private jet travel as “the only choice for somebody like me who is traveling the world to win this battle” to prevent climate change.

“If you offset your carbon — it’s the only choice for somebody like me who is traveling the world to win this battle,” Kerry claimed.

Kerry isn’t the only Biden administration official proposing steep cuts to Americans’ emissions to purportedly avert a climate disaster while failing to personally take action on the issue.

On Friday, President Joe Biden toured the Canada’s capital city of Ottawa in “The Beast” as part of a 75-car motorcade.

Biden’s motorcade forced road closures and caused massive transit delays downtown. The president later spoke to the Canadian parliament on such matters as “climate change and investing in the clean automotive sector.”


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