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Johns Hopkins Prof Blasts CDC over Spike in Childhood Heart Damage: Covid Risk is ‘Lower Than Risk of the Vaccine’

    Tucker Carlson on his Fox News primetime show dared to go where much of the media is afraid to go — and began asking tough questions about the alarming rise in childhood myocarditis cases. Watch:

    “And in some people who received it [the vaccine], there appears to be serious heart damage,” Tucker said. “Far more than the experts thought would occur. The Lancet just surveyed young people ages 12 to 29, who suffered from myocarditis, heart damage, after taking the COVID shot. According to the Lancet, 90 days after myocarditis symptoms emerged, roughly 26% of young people who surveyed still needed daily medication because their hearts were so damaged. Twenty percent said they had problems with their daily activities. Thirty percent said they experienced pain. How will they be at age 60? You wonder. And of course, you know the answer to this.

    “Hospitals were perfectly aware of this and they’re warning children about it,” Tucker added before rolling  a new advertisement from New York Presbyterian hospital.

    “I’ve been into fashion since I can remember, but one day I had a stomach ache so bad.,” the ad says. “I didn’t want to do anything. The team at New York Presbyterian said it was actually my heart. It was severely swollen, something called myocarditis, but doctors gave me medicines and used machines to control my heartbeat. They’ve saved me. So now I can become the next great fashion designer.”

    “Severe heart damage in otherwise healthy children,” Tucker went on. “Oh yeah. We’ve always had that. No, we haven’t actually. And Dr. Marty Makary was virtually alone in the medical community when he warned about the risks of this. He warned for months in March. He wrote to the CDC and said, you’ve got a duty to quote, ‘rigorously study the long term effects of vaccine-induced myocarditis.’ He was not celebrated for this. Of course, he was attacked, as always.”

    Tucker then introduced his guest Dr. Makary, who is a medical professor at Johns Hopkins.

    “Well, they famously downplayed, the CDC director last year, said if we vaccinate a million children, there might be 30 or 40 cases of mild myocarditis,” Dr. Makarty said. “And they said, if you get myocarditis from COVID, that’s worse or happens at a higher rate. But that’s not true. The studies have come out. Europe reacted by banning the Moderna vaccine altogether in young people, in many parts of Europe and everybody under 30, and in other places, everybody under 40.”

    “The tragedy that we’re now learning that there’s significant heart damage, 31% of people having physical activity restrictions,” the doctor went on. “The Seattle study that 63% of children after myocarditis had evidence of heart swelling months down the road on MRI. So we were playing with fire. We didn’t know what we were dealing with. They undercounted the complication rate, making the vaccine look safer than it really was, overcounting cases in young people, in hospitalizations, making the COVID infection look more dangerous than it really was.”

    “And the tragedy is that we could have saved children from myocarditis,” he added. “We could have protected this nation’s children from myocarditis. We could have spaced out the vaccine instead of those, that narrow three week interval, no vaccines given three weeks apart. And the myocarditis happens after the second dose. We could have, let parents say, you know, if you only feel comfortable with one dose, it’s okay to stop there. Instead we had put a gun to their head saying, you got to come back in three weeks. And if you don’t agree, you’re in deep trouble. And we could have been honest about the risk in healthy children. That risk is so low. It’s lower than the risk of the vaccine.”


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