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Joy Behar Warns About WW III: ‘You Cannot Screw Around with a Crazy Person Who Has Nukes’

The View’s Joy Behar has a warning for America about the Russia-Ukraine crisis. Watch:

“So, we’ve been having this conversation, and, you know, my question is, so all of this stuff comes up,” Whoopi began. “They say, well, this is all Biden’s fault. But I want somebody to tell me, what is he supposed to do? I want somebody to come from the other side and say, this is what we can do. Here’s how we can fight this.”

“Well, I was just speaking off camera with Alyssa because it seems to me like we’ve strengthened our economic sanctions, then people were saying okay, no oil,” Hostin replied. “We’ve done that. The final step, in my view, and we’ve talked about it on this show, is the no-fly zone. You have someone like Putin that is saying, if you shoot my planes down during my war, I will consider that an act of war. We are already in a war with him, and then where do we go —”

“We’re not in a war with him yet. Not yet,” Goldberg interjected.

“Hold on,” Joy Behar interruped. “We don’t want World War III in this world. This is a country that has nuclear weapons. We have been under this gun of nuclear weapons since I’m a child.”

“When does he stop, Joy?” Hostin pleaded.

“You cannot screw around with a crazy person who has nukes,” Behar answered. “Sorry.”

“He has to be given an off-ramp,” Farah said.

“So do we allow him to kill — kill all Ukrainians?” Hostin asked.

“You have to get China involved, somebody else has to come in here,” Behar replied. “Something.”

It’s a rare day at The View, let alone on network television, when Joy Behar is the voice of reason. Let’s hope that the liberals who think it’s worth a nuclear war to fight over Ukraine agree with her.


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