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Joy Reid Tried to Ambush Education Activist on Critical Race Theory. It Backfires *Spectacularly.*

Joy Reid got more than she bargained for on her MSNBC show on Wednesday as she invited on a prolific education activist who she has engaged with in heated Twitter battles.

Christopher Rufo, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, was brought on her show more like a sacrificial lamb to her craven left-wing audience, but proved to be a wolf when it came to the facts.

“Now, I will note that Twitter is a hyperbole zone. So, whatever, it’s all water under the bridge,” Reid disingenuously remarked. “But I just want to get to a couple of little factual things. Why would I need courage to have you on? Are you like an expert in race or racial history? Are you a lawyer? Are you a legal scholar? Is that part of your background?”

“Yeah, I’m a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute where I’m running their initiative on Critical Race Theory,” he responded. “And the reason that I reached out on Twitter to you, and I appreciate you having me on, I enjoy this cross-partisan dialogue. But the reason is not just because you were attacking me on air, which I think is fine, it’s politics that’s fair game.”

“One second. I’m sorry. I wasn’t attacking you,” she prevaricated. “I was reading your quote. So, that’s what I did, I read your quote. But go on.”

“You were reading it with the framing calling me a political operative, which I’m not. I’m actually a think tank scholar,” Rufo retorted. He then ticked off the four major untruths that Reid has been spreading about Critical Race Theory.

“You’ve claimed in recent weeks that Critical Race Theory isn’t being taught in schools,” he began. “You’ve claimed that most American public school students learn what you call confederate race theory and are taught that slavery was, quote, ‘not so bad’. You’ve claimed that state legislation will prevent schools from teaching about the history of racism. And finally, you’ve claimed Critical Race Theory isn’t rooted in the philosophical tradition of Marxism.”

These are all denials of the facts on CRT that anyone who spends any research delving into the literature can find out for himself or herself. Rufo then remarked “it’s very interesting to me that so many people are running away from the label of Critical Race Theory.”

Reid then tried to veil what CRT is by denying that the scholars Rufo mentioned are “Critical Race Theorists.” She pretended to absorb and respond to Rufo’s points, and then risibly suggested that he was lying about the issue.

“Let me respond at least once,” Rufo pleaded wryly. “I haven’t gotten a full sentence out.”

“You want to make a campaign and stuff everything in there and you want to stuff it all into Critical Race Theory,” she argued.

“Here’s the bottom line Joy,” he said. “What you’ve done in tonight’s segment is exactly what I’m fighting against. I’m fighting against the manipulation of language. I’m fighting against language deconstruction. And I’m trying to basically load off of these euphemistic terms with subversive content, because otherwise you just say whatever you want and then you back away from it and dance around it.”

Then Rufo gave a parting shot that is absolutely one-hundred-percent true.

“It’s not going to happen,” he said about people backing down on the issue. “Parents all over this country, they know what’s happening in schools. They know what’s happening in public institutions and you’re seeing people revolt against this divisive identity politics. And you can dance all you want but you’re not going to stop people from understanding what’s happening in the classrooms.”

Americans saw that for themselves this week in Loudoun County, Virginia, when hundreds of parents lined up to comment at a school board meeting. The radical educators couldn’t handle the heat, so they literally had parents arrested who wouldn’t leave the “unlawful assembly.”

This doesn’t show Americans that Critical Race Theory is a curriculum that is being used to “educate” children in good faith. It shows that it is a form of state propaganda with an insidious political intent.


WATCH: Radical School Board Has Parents *Arrested* for Questioning “Critical Race Theory”

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