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Just Days After Saying Vaccine Passports are Not Fed Govt’s Role, Jen Psaki Says ‘Policing’ Will Take Guidelines

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki continued her pattern of attempting to ease the American people into draconian policies, such as COVID vaccine passports. On July 25, Psaki said a vaccine mandate was “not the federal government’s role.”

On Thursday, however, Jen Psaki openly discussed the government’s role ‘policing’ vaccine passports.

“Private sector businesses around the country and other kinds of institutions that are setting requirements for vaccines and so forth, what guidance are you offering for how small businesses police that, if you’re in a restaurant situation, where you have wait staff or proprietors who would be challenging their own customers, what guidance does the federal government have for how they should be,” a reporter started to ask.

“You mean, vaccine verification and how it’s approached?” Psaki jumped in, as if she could read the reporter’s mind. “You know, one, we do support efforts to incentivize workforces, of course, to protect their workforces and get more people vaccinated. We want to ensure that it’s done in a transparent way, that it’s in an equitable way, that if there are verification requirements, it can be done digitally, there are a range of ways to provide the information.”

It’s no longer even enough for these authoritarian bureaucrats to have proof of vaccinations, it needs to be digitized, as if the government wants to use the COVID vaccine “passport” as a centralized way to track Americans and their health.

“So there are basic guidelines along those lines that we have conveyed and we will continue to convey, as people have questions,” she added. “And we understand different localities and communities will apply any verification measures in different ways.”

Recently, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has to navigate a minefield of contradictory statements about COVID vaccine passports, including how they don’t present a barrier to minorities.

“So, I wanted to ask about New York City,” The Daily Caller’s Shelby Talcott began. “COVID vaccinations. So, New York City data shows that the rate for black New Yorkers… is sitting at 31%, which is a lot lower than some of the other percentages. And this is similar to the national level, according to CDC data.”

“Is the White House concerned at all that the burdens of imposed by governments and businesses like the New York City proof of vaccination is going to fall heaviest on these minority communities?” she asked.

“It’s our objective to continue to close that equity gap,” Psaki responded. “And to make sure we are, as a federal government working in partnership with city or states like New York, cities like New York City, to make sure we are making the vaccine accessible, available, we are meeting people where they are, we are partnering with the right public health officials, and we will continue to do exactly that.”

“Because we certainly don’t want this to be a barrier of entry for communities,” she added. “We also believe that at a time where the Delta variant is spreading like wildfire across the country, especially to the unvaccinated communities, that it’s important for… cities and communities should be able to take steps to incentivize getting more people vaccinated.”

Boston’s Mayor Kim Janey on Wednesday ripped the discriminatory impact of requiring Americans to get COVID passports simply to use basic services that they need to live their lives. Provocatively, she also compared them to ‘slave papers.’ If the Democratic Party gets its way, it will bring slavery back; but not just for black Americans, for all Americans in the form of a technocratic tyranny.


Boston’s Black Boston Mayor Compares COVID Vaccine Passports to ‘Slave Papers’ in Scathing Takedown

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