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Justice Department Officials Admit ‘Improper Conduct’ by FBI Agents During Trump Raid at Mar-a-Lago

Department of Justice officials believe the FBI acted improperly by collecting materials outside of the scope stipulated in the search warrant authorization during its raid on former President Donald Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago, according to a new report.

“For the first time we have confirmation that the FBI and the Justice Department believes it over-collected evidence when it was at Mar-a-Lago, meaning it collected evidence not covered by the search warrant,” John Solomon, editor-in-chief of Just The News, said on “Hannity” in an interview on the report.

“I have confirmed from two different sources that the Justice Department called President Trump’s defense lawyers today confirming that they did take his three passports,” Solomon said. “They are making arrangements to send it back saying they are obligated to return it it’s outside the scope of the subpoena. They have also informed Trump defense lawyers, the Justice Department has, over the last few days that there’s likely privileged materials that the FBI collected that now have to be segregated and returned to the president.”

“Those privileges could be attorney-client privilege or more likely, executive privilege,” he added. “Now this is remarkable. I talked to a lot have FBI people today who told me this warrant was already remarkably broad, can basically go in and get anything that looked like a presidential record, to then collect something like a passport which most agents can recognize quickly, or privileged documents, raised concerns amongst career FBI officials.”

A DOJ official told Just The News late on Monday that the FBI acted “outside the scope” of the search warrant by seizing Donald Trump’s passports during the raid.

“Three passports. Privileged documents. A file on a presidential pardon,” the report reads. “As evidence surfaces about what FBI agents seized during the raid of former President Donald Trump’s estate in Mar-a-Lago, new questions about the real focus of the investigation and new avenues for legal challenges are bubbling to the surface.”

“The Justice Department informed Trump’s team Monday that agents gathered the former president’s passports and are obligated to return them, and that officials are also reviewing seized materials that may be covered by various privileges, ” the report added. “DOJ has designated a process for separating materials that could be covered by executive privilege or attorney client privilege and hopes to return such memos to Trump within a couple of weeks, the sources said.”

On Tuesday, several mainstream journalists disputed that Donald Trump’s passports had actually been seized. CBS Evening News’ Norah O’Donnell led the way in spreading the fake news.

“NEW: According to a DOJ official, the FBI is NOT in possession of former President Trump’s passports,’ O’Donnell claimed. “Trump had accused the FBI of stealing his three passports during the search of his Mar-a-Lago home.”

However, this turned out to be true, as even the New York Times confirmed. Taylor Budowich, Director of Communications for Save America and Donald J. Trump, noted the journalistic malpractice.

“This is how Fake News works, folks,” Budowich said. “Biden admin actively feeds half truths & lies that the media willingly amplifies—advancing a partisan narrative to attack Trump.”

As reported earlier, the FBI search warrant was already overly broad and encompassed: “Any government and/or Presidential Records created between January 20, 2017, and January 20, 2021.”

Now, it looks like the FBI raided Donald Trump’s home and sought to go through all of his private documents to determine if any classified materials were there. Since Trump already had a ‘standing order’ that all of the documents that went to Mar-a-Lago were to be considered declassified, and he had already been cooperating with the authorities on the National Archives’ request, it is looking increasingly like the entire operation was a fishing expedition in the wake of the failed January 6 partisan committee hearings.

Since Attorney General Merrick Garland waited weeks to ‘personally authorize’ the FBI raid, and the bureau took days after the search warrant was authorized to execute it, there is no plausible reason to believe there was an urgent need to violate two centuries of presidential decorum and the rule of law. The Biden administration appears to be responsible for one of the greatest travesties and affronts to its institutions in American history. The Department of Justice will have effectively admitted it when it returns Donald Trump’s passports and privileged documents.

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