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Kamala Harris is Confusing the Hell Out of Africa

Kamala Harris, professional politician and amateur orator, is on a tour of Africa, which sources tell me is not a place on the southern border.

During her latest stop in Ghana, Kamala (pronounced KA-ma-la) regaled the audience with a gripping tale of the continent’s demographical composition.

“The median age on the continent of Africa is 19. Think about what that means in terms of potential,” she said, apparently not thinking about what it means for Africa in terms of its potential. “Think about the fact that by 2050, 1-in-4 people occupying a place on Mother Earth will be on this continent and what that means.”

Profound! People will exist in Africa in 2050.

“Inspiring,” quipped ally and influencer Hollaria Briden, Esq.

“Yeah it is! It’s inspiring! Inspiring is what it is!” clamored Meara.

But Harris was only getting warmed up. Soon, she was lecturing them like a recent grad in Post-modern Feminist Studies who was forced to take a job as a kindergarten teacher.

“There are a number of things on the issue of the economy as a whole that we must do … and a lot of that work is the work that I am here to do on the continent.”

Come again? But Kamala Harris continued to double down on doubling down with her tired cliches.

“As you have mentioned, we have had today, this afternoon, a wide-ranging discussion. We have discussed a number of important topics, including the importance of concepts and priorities such as freedom and liberty,” she added.

What? The Biden administration’s desire to eradicate those human values completely?

Harris then blamed a virus for the absolutely idiotic and ineffective pandemic response.

She also had the audacity to do victory laps on the rampant inflation that continues to ravage the U.S. economy.

Don’t worry, Africa. We’re just as confused as you are.


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