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KJP Stops Don Lemon ‘Right There’ After Hot Button Question About Biden: ‘That is Not a Question We Should Be Even Asking’

    New White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, alternatively known as KJP, outright objected to CNN’s Don Lemon asking her an uncomfortable question on Monday. Watch:

    “Does the president have the stamina physically and mentally, do you think, to continue on even after 2024?” Lemon asked her.

    “Don, you’re asking me this question?” Jean-Pierre objected. “Oh my gosh, he’s the President of the United States.”

    “You know, it, he, I can’t even keep up with him,” she went on. “We just got back from New Mexico. We just got back from California. That is — that is not a question that we should be even asking.”

    “Just look at the work that he does. Look what he’s — how he’s delivering for the American public. Look that what, that, that… that article that we’re talking about is hearsay. It’s salacious. That’s not what we care about. We care about how we going to deliver for the American people.”

    “How are we going to make their lives better?” she added. “That’s what the president talks about. That is his focus and that’s where we’re going to continue to, to focus on.”

    Unfortunately for the Biden White House, most Americans disagree. A Harvard poll in late May showed that a majority of Americans doubt that Biden is cut out to be president.

    “Harvard-Harris finds that 47 percent of Americans believe that Joe Biden is ‘mentally fit to serve as President of the United States,’ with 53 percent having ‘doubts about his fitness for office’,” National Review reported. “Among independents, those numbers are 39-61. It also finds that 62 percent of Americans believe that Joe Biden is ‘showing he is too old to be President,’ with 38 percent believing otherwise. Among independents, those numbers are 72-28.”

    But Karine Jean-Pierre is revealing that competence in the Biden administration is not necessarily an issue about age. She constantly refers to her notes for the simplest of questions.

    This line of questioning from CBS’s Ed O’Keefe to White House Press Sec. Karine Jean-Pierre on the timeline of the White House’s response to the baby formula crisis is absolutely brutal,” MRC’s Curtis Houck reported. “Note how Jean-Pierre can barely speak without reading for long periods from her binder.”

    It looks like KJP may not have been lying when she claimed she could barely keep up with Joe Biden. But that wasn’t necessarily a compliment.


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