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Kyle Rittenhouse & His Lawyer Announce Big Plans That Should Scare the Daylights Out of Big Tech & Activist Media

    Kyle Rittenhouse, who was widely smeared in the media for his armed altercation at the Kenosha, Wisconsin riots in 2020, has taken on the attorneys who led Nicholas Sandmann to victory.

    On “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Monday, Rittenhouse and his lawyer Todd McMurtry announced big news that should be sending chills down the spines of media personalities and celebrities who allegedly defamed him. Watch:

    “Now, Kyle Rittenhouse is taking legal action against them,” Tucker Carlson said. “Kyle Rittenhouse is the founder of the Media Accountability Project, Todd McMurtry is his lawyer, they join us now to explain what they are doing. Thanks to you both for coming on. Tell us, Kyle… what action are you taking against the tech companies that made this defamation possible?”

    “Well, we are going to make the media pay for what they did to me,” Rittenhouse said. “They made it hard for me to live a normal life. I can’t go out into public. I can’t go to the store. It’s hard for me to go anywhere without security. Doing basic things like taking my dog to the dog park is difficult. So, they made it really difficult to be normal and they affected future job opportunities to me. I don’t think I will ever be able to work or get a job because I am afraid that employers may not hire me.”

    “I think that is entirely fair, because of the lies repeated for over a year by the tech platforms that are not journalists,” Carlson remarked. “They are soldiers in some sort of weird partisan war they are fighting. So what are you doing to rectify this?”

    “Well, we are going to be taking them to court,” Rittenhouse said before his lawyer weighed in.

    “Okay, sure,” McMurtry said. “To answer your first question with regard with what we plan to do with the tech companies, of course we are looking at those, and I think the first one that I am taking a look at is Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg announced in a video tape that what Kyle was involved in was mass murder, and that is clearly defamatory as well. That is not protected by Section 230, the Communications Decency Act. In my opinion, Section 230 allows you to take down violent things or things that people don’t want to hear, but telling the truth about Kyle which is not something that Section 230 enabled Facebook to take down. So that’s an example of what we plan to do with tech and also plan to do in the defamation arena.”

    “And by defamation arena, you mean with so-called news organizations?” Tucker asked.

    “Absolutely,” McMurtry responded. “You mentioned some of that on the way in. Certainly, Kyle was charged with a crime. News organizations are allowed to report on that. But calling somebody a murderer in certain circumstances can be actionable. Other things that media personalities, people on social media said were clearly defamatory. I think your comment about calling Kyle a white supremacist is made up out of thin air. I don’t know how media can claim they didn’t make a statement made up out of thin air without engaging in actual malice or most certainly negligence. So I think we have some strong grounds to proceed. We are looking at, we’re starting to look at all those, we’ll evaluate them and look at opportunities to hold the media and to hold tech accountable as Kyle has promised.”

    “So, Kyle, when you go into public, do people repeat to you things that they saw on social media or on, say, NBC News or CNN?” Tucker inquired.

    “There’s been a few people. I received some harassment,” Rittenhouse replied. “Thank goodness for my security, L.T., T.C. and Kenny and Dave, for helping me not have to get harassed, to make sure that they keep me safe, and if somebody does come up to me, they make sure they will not harm me. So, thank God for them.”

    “Yeah. And, Todd, really quick, how exactly will you go after Zuckerberg?” Tucker asked.

    “Well, I think we will sue, a, for the defamatory statements that Kyle engaged in mass murder and for violations of Section 230 by taking down posts that told the truth about Kyle,” McMurtry responded. “So, in essence, they suppressed the truth by taking down truthful posts, and they did that in violation of Section 230. That Communications Decency Act does not provide that protection.”

    “That’s exactly right,” Tucker added. “It’s not just that they defamed him, but they also took down any defense of him or the facts about him, as they did with the vaccines and a million other things, the war in Ukraine. I appreciate what you all are doing.”

    That is news that should excite every American who has been telling the truth for years on social media about everything from elections to Big Pharma and was censored for it, despite their posts being honest and factual expressions of their opinions. It is vitally important that Big Tech platforms be held accountable for their unlawful editorialization of Americans’ free speech, which is a violation of their Section 230 liability protections.


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