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Kyrsten Sinema Stalking Was Just Taken to the Next Level: Activist Follows Her Onto Airline Flight and Makes Creepy Video

    Radical activists are carrying out a deliberate harrassment and intimidation campaign against Kyrsten Sinema due to the Arizona Senator’s opposition of left-wing agenda items in the “infrastructure” and budget bills.

    On Monday, following the infamous and potentially illegal ‘bathroom insurrection’ at Arizona State University where Sinema teaches, the senator was stalked onto a commercial airline and personally berated. Watch:

    The activist greeted the senator while she tried to read, then asked her about the ‘pathway to citizenship.’ provision of the budget that Democrats want to pass via reconciliation, even though the Senate parliamentarian has scored this legislative method as unconstitutional.

    “We have been waiting for this for too long, and I just need to know if you can come in” and meet with her, the activist asked.

    Sinema refused to acknowledge the activist and continued to read. She then slowly shook her head ‘no’ as if to indicate that she was not going to talk under the inappropriate circumstances.

    “My dad passed away last year,” the activist said, which occasioned a look of sympathy from Sinema, although she continued displaying that she was not willing to talk on the flight.

    “I don’t want to disturb you, but at the same time, I just want to see if I can get a commitment from you,” she pressed.

    “This is my life and the life of millions, I just need to hear from you,” she continued. “Can we get a commitment from you to get a pathway to citizenship through the process of reconcilation to protect me and millions like me?”

    Senator Sinema was also accosted while at the airport getting onto the plane.

    Sinema was recently harrassed by activists while carrying out her teaching duties at Arizona State University, as can be seen in a video posted on Sunday.

    “Blanca, an AZ immigrant youth confronts Senator Sinema inside her classroom, where she teaches [at] ASU,” Lucha Arizona said about the video. “[I]n 2010 both my grandparents got deported bc of SB1070… my grandfather passed away 2 wks ago & I wasn’t able to go to Mexico bc there is no pathway to citizenship.”

    “Protesters followed Sen. Sinema into the bathroom at Arizona State University to confront her on Build Back Better and immigration,” Bloomberg reporter Jennifer Epstein noted.

    Although it is illegal to film people in public restrooms in Arizona, the activists did so anyway. Here are a few other angles of activists harrassing Sinema:

    Sinema released a statement on the incident:

    Arizona Senator Mark Kelly labeled the actions of the activists as “inappropriate”:

    Human Events editor Jack Posobiec mocked the so-called protesters as “insurrectionists”:

    “BREAKING: A crowd of insurrectionists just chased Senator Sinema into a bathroom at ASU screaming at her while she hid in a stall. No @CapitolPolice in sight for the female Senator,”  Posobiec remarked.

    The Democrats attempted to push a ‘pathway to citizenship’ through budgetary reconciliation, a ploy that the Senate parliamentarian nixed as illegal.

    Progressives have grown increasingly furious with Senator Sinema for not kowtowing to their radical agenda. The question now: Do Senators Manchin and Sinema need Secret Service protection to keep them away from the wrath of juvenile and dangerous radical activists?

    The Capitol Police have not commented on the incident. Any statement from the Congressional police authority will be posted as forthcoming.


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