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Maricopa County’s Audit Update Inspires Call to Add to Forensic Audit in the State of Wisconsin

    Wisconsin State Representative Timothy Ramthun was so impressed by the Maricopa County independent audit update on Thursday that he is now calling for Wisconsin to follow suit.

    Ramthun has issued the following statement in response to today’s developments in the Arizona Senate hearing.

    “After reviewing the information released from both the Fulton County audit in Georgia and today’s Arizona Senate hearing on the Maricopa County audit, I am formally requesting a more comprehensive audit from former Justice Michael J. Gableman and the Legislative Audit Bureau into the 2020 presidential election in Wisconsin,” the statement says.

    “It is vital to our democratic process that the Wisconsin Legislature acknowledges the alarming information that threatens the very fabric of our society. In order to preserve our God-given rights and ensure that citizens can have confidence in the integrity of our elections, I am requesting it be added to the scope of the Wisconsin audit to:
    1.) Inspect paper mail in ballots in the “WI 5” where private funding was used in the
    election process for:
    a. Signs of machine-folded ballots that are perfectly creased, or not creased at all.
    b. Signs of pen puncture or indentation by a person vs. printed fill in circles on vote indicators.
    c. Paper quality matches that of official use ballots. If they are heavier, lighter, or different in anyway, they should be further examined.
    d. Signs of ballots not being printed squarely, or with lighter or heavier ink, or any other irregularities in any printing aspects.
    e. Any questionable or missing chain of custody is further investigated.
    2.) Review the digital files of ballots to insure what has been found in Fulton County by scanning ballots multiple times did not take place in Wisconsin.
    3.) More thoroughly examine the cybersecurity aspects regarding routers and internet access, logins, protection software updates, and the handling of data that shows tampering of any kind that has been found in Maricopa County.
    4.) If any of these indicators are found, these ballots should be separated from the official ballots, and a chain of custody/investigation into the origin of any fraudulent ballots should take place. All fraudulent ballots should not be counted.

    “As a servants of the people of Wisconsin, coupled with the findings of two other states that show evidence of fraud that saw similar irregularities in their elections, it is our duty as a Legislature to restore confidence in our elections process,” Ramthun adds.

    “We need to create transparency and settle the debate of truth vs. conspiracy,” he continued. “There is nothing of greater importance than ensuring that we uphold our constitutional rights to have a government of, by, and for the people.”


    Maricopa County Audit Update: Absentee Ballot Records Missing, 11,000 Votes Not on November Rolls

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