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MSNBC’S Joe Scarborough Spreads Debunked Lie: Trump Rioters Came to Capitol to ‘Kill Cops’

    MSNBC host Joe Scarborough continued the left’s revisionist history of the January 6th Capitol Riots by conjuring up Trump supporters who went to the protest to “kill cops.”

    “The police had guns drawn to stop the insurrections from coming in and killing members of the House,” Scarborough said. “So, yes, they’re lying.”

    Joe Scarborough is the one who is lying. In January, days after the Capitol riots, the myth that “capture and kill” teams were among the protesters was debunked.

    “The top federal prosecutor for the District of Columbia said Friday that investigators have not uncovered direct evidence at this point of any ‘kill/capture teams’ targeting elected officials during the U.S. Capitol insurrection,” NPR reported.

    Furthermore, no one actually at the Capitol building was found to be armed with a firearm. Byron York also shows this widespread media narrative to be false.

    “On many other occasions, the rioters were described simply as  ‘armed’,” York writes at the Examiner. “But the description requires an asterisk that is rarely, if ever, applied. A small number of the rioters did indeed have baseball bats or bear spray, and a few used flagsticks or even, in one case, a crutch as weapons to assault Capitol police. But the armed insurrectionists did not use any firearms. Before January 6, if anyone heard the phrase ‘armed insurrection,’ he or she might have assumed guns were involved. At the Capitol riot, they weren’t.”

    Indeed, the only person that can be proven to have died from violence at the Capitol riots was Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt, who was shot and killed by an unidentified Capitol Police officer. The officer’s identity has been deliberately withheld from the press. Brian Sicknick, championed as a martyr due to his tragic death after the Capitol riots, mysteriously died from multiple strokes, according to the medical examiner’s report. The media had claimed that Sicknick died to an attack from Trump supporters, including speculation that bear spray had caused a fatal reaction.

    Scarborough then claimed that Republicans who oppose Pelosi’s January 6th commission, such as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, do not want “transparency.” This is an odd claim from a media that opposes every sincere effort to find out what happened in swing states during the 2020 election.

    “They don’t, Kasie, want transparency,” Scarborough said after lying through his teeth. “They don’t want truth. And certainly they are following the ring leader of the conspiracy to commit sedition against the United States government and stop the counting of the votes that day and that, of course, Donald J. Trump.”

    This is another blatant lie. There is no evidence that Donald Trump sought for anyone to stop the counting of Biden votes, as if this would constitute a “coup.” An actual coup is used with an armed force, such as a military. Any political observer with half a brain knows this, and unarmed Trump supporters could not pull off a “coup,” but yet the media persists with the lies that they did pose such a threat. It’s sheer nonsense.

    “And so once again, they blindly follow,” Scarborough continued. “As somebody, Kasie, who was there, you know full well as do all of these members who were lying to their constituents these weren’t just tourists ambling through, taking pictures of — of — of statues in Statutory Hall or rubbing Will Rogers’ shoe for good luck. They were there looking to find people, hurt people, kill cops, almost killed quite a few. And — and you know, put bear spray into cop’s face who eventually died.”

    A responsible network would throw Scarborough off the air for deliberately misleading his audience with divisive lies, which are easily exposed with a modicum of intellectually honest research. Since this is MSNBC, however, lying to the audience is not a bug, but a feature.

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