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NBC Reporter Destroys Mainstream Narrative About Martha’s Vineyard: Migrants are ‘Thanking’ Gov. Ron DeSantis

    Martha’s Vineyard residents were taken aback this week when Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis took them up on their offer of being a ‘sanctuary city’ for illegal migrants. DeSantis sent two planes to the coastal getaway filled with 50 Venezuelan refugees, which provoked a media-wide meltdown over the Democrat-denounced ‘political stunt.’

    An NBC reporter who visited Martha’s Vineyard actually took the time to interview the Venezuelan refugees on what they thought about Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. The responses were enlightening.

    “I’m here to Martha’s Vineyard,” the reporter said. “So, there’s activists here… that are saying that these people were victims of human trafficking. They want an investigation from the Justice department into what Governor DeSantis is doing, what Governor Greg Abbott is doing, because they’re saying that these people are being abused and used to bring a border crisis deeper into the country.”

    “Now, I can tell you they are not angry at Ron DeSantis,” she continued. “They’re actually thanking him for having brought them to Martha’s Vineyard, where they were very well received. But other people, well, they’re saying they’re being used as political pawns. They don’t resent it for now.”

    Martha’s Vineyard residents declared a ‘humanitarian crisis’ upon the arrival of 50 mostly Venezuelan illegal migrants on Wednesday. It took less than 48 hours for the predominately wealthy, lily white and liberal population to successfully clamor for Republican Governor Charlie Baker to call in the National Guard, and he deported the immigrants from their secluded island to a military base on the mainland.

    In an interview with Fox News Digital, several Martha’s Vineyard inhabitants gave their reaction to the experience of dealing with illegal migrants firsthand.

    “Like any problem, if you want to fix a problem, make it visible,” Paul S. said. “And I think it was made visible in terms of coming over. I have no issue with that, but there’s a process. There’s a path that you should follow and you know, follow that documented process and procedure.”

    The interviewee also agreed with the statement that he had gotten a ‘taste of what’s going on in border towns.’ Another resident, Jeff C., pointed out that there is a large facility on Martha’s Vineyard where the residents could have accommodated ‘thousands’ of the migrants, in addition to conceding there is a large number of vacation homes on the island, which had once declared itself a ‘sanctuary city.’

    The New York Post interviewed the Venezuelan sanctuary seekers, who said they were grateful to Florida Governor DeSantis for treating them well.

    “The life there is good,” said Eliud Alguilar, referring to the military base where he and 49 other migrants were sent. “They treat us well, they provided us with food and medical assistance. We are all well.”

    As the Post noted, immigration activists and Democratic politicians have accused DeSantis of engaging in a “political stunt” by sending the migrants to Martha’s Vineyard. President Biden accusing the Florida governor of “playing politics with people’s lives.”

    Constitutional attorney Jonathan Turley shredded such arguments in an extended opinion piece at The Hill on Saturday.

    “Although Martha’s Vineyard previously declared itself a sanctuary for migrants, it declared a ‘humanitarian crisis‘ this week when some 50 individuals were flown there from Florida, and it denounced their arrival as a potentially criminal act,’ Turley wrote. “Other leaders, such as D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, have demanded the deployment of the National Guard when border states shipped migrants to their jurisdictions. In Illinois, Gov. J.B. Pritzker did precisely that — called out the Guard.”

    Turley also raises another objection to the overheated accusations — the same Democrats and activists raised no objections to the Biden administration’s much more extensive illegal migrant relocations — to Florida, New York, and other states across the nation.

    “The Biden administration has transported thousands of migrants across the country with little public notice, including late-night flights denounced by Republicans as clandestine ‘ghost flights’,” Turley went on. “Those transfers have been defended by Democrats and others as standard practice in the past three administrations.”

    “The trips arranged by the three Republican governors have been denounced as a political stunt,” Turley adds. “And, indeed, they are — but they are not criminal acts, absent new evidence of compulsion or fraud… Yet there is no evidence of systemic fraud or misrepresentation. Moreover, even if there was misrepresentation, it would not constitute some of the crimes being claimed on cable television, including Hillary Clinton declaring that it constitutes ‘literally human trafficking’.”

    The high dudgeon of Martha’s Vineyard snobs who feign offense at a Republican governor taking them up on their offer of being a ‘sanctuary city’ for illegal migrants is beyond parody. DeSantis exposed their virtue-signaling pretense as nothing more than hollow political posturing. And for that humbling experience, perhaps a few effete liberals will engage in some introspection and perhaps display some empathy for what millions of other Americans are going through thanks to Biden’s border crisis.


    CNN is Comparing Ron DeSantis Sending Illegal Migrants to Martha’s Vineyard to the Holocaust

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