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Joe Biden’s Extremely Unsafe Behavior at Event Has Americans Concerned About His Health – And Others’

    Joe Biden obviously wants to ‘kill Americans with his Covid.’ That’s judging by his recent unsafe behavior at a Build Back Broker Better event in Kearny, New Jersey on Monday.

    The nominal president kicked off his latest installment of Covid theater with a pitch for Americans to back him on his $3.5 trillion spending package that ‘akshully’ costs nothing, you see.

    “What are we doing?” Biden asked and looked around. “What in God’s name are we doing?”

    “And by the way, you hear these numbers, $3.5 trillion or $1.75 trillion,” he said and then leaned down to do his trademark non-creepy whisper. “We pay for it allll…”

    “It doesn’t increase the deficit one single (*one person applauds early*) cent,” he reiterated.

    “So, let’s get to work! Let’s put people to work!” Biden shouted unironically after getting thousands of people fired with a federal vaccine mandate that hasn’t even been issued yet.

    “And once again let’s re-establish America has the most advanced country in the world,” he exclaimed. “God bless our  – America. And God bless our troops.”

    So, in other words, Make America Great Again, except with a failed socialist model that has ruined other nations throughout history and never made America great to begin with.

    “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” he closed. Then he did something that should be setting off alarms with the throngs of Covid hysterics around the country that hang on Biden’s every confused word.

    He coughed. But he didn’t just cough. The maskless Biden coughed and then went around the room filled with masked sycophants and made sure to shake people’s hands.

    Just to be clear: This is the unholy triumvirate of reckless, grandma-killing behavior, according the rabid left’s Bible of Covid. He went without a mask. He violated social distancing. Then he shook people’s hands.

    Remember, the patron Saint of Covid, Anthony Fauci, once wanted to ban handshaking. “I don’t think we should ever shake hands again,” the still-unfired NIAID chief said. The only thing that seems to alleviate Biden’s mortal sin is that he may have injected Big Pharma’s holy water into his veins in the form of a vaccine.

    Yet, you might recall, Biden wasn’t “fully vaccinated” until recently when he seems to have gotten his ‘booster shot.’ Of course, it’s impossible to tell any more what is real and what is fake because he wasn’t actually at the White House, but a stage that was made to look like the White House.

    This was a tacit admission that something may be amiss with these magical vaccines that Biden claimed earlier were “100% effective” and would stop Covid infection and transmission. Of course, none of that turned out to be true, as his own political public health agencies would later admit.

    In case that doesn’t connect the dots enough, there have been numerous reports of “super spreader events” being caused by “fully vaccinated” celebrities and Democrats that apparently the President of the United States missed.

    One of those events was at Martha’s Vineyard and involved the birthday bash of former President Barack Obama. Another was a bunch of Democrats who skipped out on representing Texans and jetted out to Washington D.C. without masks on (but with ice cold cases of beer, to be fair).

    So, the Super-Spreader-in-Chief is either senile and doesn’t know his own Covid rules (plausible) or he is truly intent on testing out whether he can get away with murdering people with that terrifying Delta variant that he claims justifies unlawful federal vaccine mandates and the interminable suspension of Americans’ rights.

    Why, all you have to do is go to his own words, which he uttered at a fake CNN ‘town hall’ last Thursday. In front of a nonplussed Anderson Cooper, Biden mocked Americans who value freedom and the right to bodily autonomy, which the radical left held as sacrosanct until it became politically inexpedient.

    “So the idea is that – look, two things that concern me, one are those who just try to make this a political issue. Freedom. I have the freedom to kill you with my Covid. No, come on. Freedom,” he said.

    Maybe it’s President Biden who should lose his job for putting Americans’ lives at risk. Either that or admit vaccines don’t stop the spread, and therefore, there shouldn’t be any federal vaccine mandates to begin with.


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