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Another Bombshell Report: U.K. Study Shows Maskless Kids *Less Likely* to Test Positive for Covid

    The Centers for Disease Control blew a massive hole in the two-year running deception on the need for universal vaccination.

    The CDC released a ‘bombshell’ report on natural immunity, conveniently one day after the Supreme Court ruled that Biden’s federal vaccine mandate for large employers should remain blocked.

    On the same day, however, the U.K.’s Health Security Agency (UKHSA), also issued a blockbuster report that echoed much of the CDC’s findings.

    The UKHSA first notes that people who have been vaccinated are more likely to test positive for Covid than those with prior infections.

    “Our latest data for the fortnight ending 31 December 2021 show similar conclusions to our last publication, namely”:

    • those who reported receiving one of any coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines 15 to 90 days ago, a second Pfizer vaccine 15 to 180 days ago, or any three vaccinations (including booster vaccinations) were all less likely to test positive than those who are not vaccinated; however, these effects are smaller than what we have seen previously
    • those who had previously been infected with COVID-19 continued to be less likely to test positive than those who had not, however this effect was smaller than we have seen in the past
    • those who were previously infected during the period when Delta was dominant were even less likely to test positive again than those infected in the Alpha dominant or pre-Alpha period¹

    The ONS then goes into the testing demographics. It then explains why this is different and why it matters.

    People who had received any one COVID-19 vaccine, a second Pfizer vaccine 15 to 180 days ago, or any three COVID-19 vaccines (including boosters) were all less likely to test positive. However, there was no statistical evidence that having any other second vaccine (AstraZeneca, Moderna, or a second Pfizer vaccine more than 180 days ago) affected a person’s likelihood of testing positive in the fortnight ending 31 December 2021. This is different to findings reported previously, which found that those who had received two of any COVID-19 vaccine were less likely to test positive than those who were not vaccinated, regardless of time after the second dose.

    Below you can see the difference in likelihood for testing positive for Covid reinfection by variant period.

    There was also some very interesting mask data provided: Children who “never” or “sometimes” wear masks at work or school were less likely compared to those who “always” wear them.

    The Office for National Statistics points out that on the likelihood scale, adults who self-report “never” wearing masks in enclosed spaces have a slightly hire risk of Covid infection. Those who answered “sometimes” had the same risk.

    It’s no wonder the U.K. is dropping all mask mandates and don’t mask children in school. There is still no strong statistical evidence the oppressive measures work.

    All the trauma and angst being forced upon children in the United States. And for nothing. How many times do we need to see such data before the mask hustlers get the gist?

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