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U.K. Government Has Launched Program to Pay Covid Vaccine Victims and Hundreds Have Already Been Paid

    The British government recently included Covid-19 on its list of covered vaccines for its Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme. The first victims to substantiate their vaccine injury claims have begun to receive financial compensation.

    The BMJ, originally called the British Medical Journal — one of the world’s oldest medical journals, featured one of the first cases to receive payment for a Covid vaccine injury.

    “Vikki Spit from Cumbria is believed to be the first person to receive compensation, after her 48 year old partner, Zion, became ill eight days after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine,” BMJ notes. “Zion, a former rock singer, died at the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle in May 2021.”

    “A handful of other people have received payments in the past few days under the government’s vaccine damage payment scheme (VDPS), which pays out up to a maximum of £120 000 (€140 000; $150 000),” the journal adds.

    “Sarah Moore, a partner at the Hausfeld law firm, which is representing people seeking compensation, told The BMJ it was an important moment. ‘While the VDPS payments are very modest in amount, and will do very little to alleviate the financial difficulties with which many families are now struggling as a consequence of injury or bereavement, the fact of payment for some will mark a moment of vindication in that it is the clearest statement yet, by the government, that in some rare instances the covid-19 vaccines have caused very significant injury or death’.”

    But it was “far too little, too late,” she added. “With a 60% disability eligibility criteria, a historical acceptance rate of 1.7%, and a maximum cap of £120 000 (around $140,000), the inadequacies of the scheme mean that some families will have no choice but to look at litigation in order to access substantive financial support.”

    The BMJ reports points out Moore ‘s belief that “most of the payments so far have been made as a result of an individual experiencing vaccine induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia (VITT) or cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST) after vaccination.” But the report added she said she knew of “one payment for someone who had developed Guillain-Barré syndrome after covid-19 vaccination.”

    The NHS Business Services Authority that administers the Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme confirmed that it had received 1681 claims for Covid-19 vaccine injuries as of May 20.

    Meanwhile, in the United States, the federal government continues to shield big pharmaceutical companies, such as Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna, from liability for its mRNA vaccines. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention insists that the pandemic is ongoing and the nation is still in a state of emergency.

    The National Pulse was one of the first U.S. publications to report that Covid vaccines were listed as eligible in the VDPS.

    However, in the United States, this is what you will find at the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program for “covered” vaccines.

    “Coronavirus” is oddly missing, despite thousands of people attesting to major side effects, as Robby Starbuck recently discovered.

    “After receiving 4,000+ responses with stories about side effects post COVID vax. These are critical takeaways: Pharmaceutical companies must have their immunity from lawsuits stripped from them immediately. Victims deserve to sue and be compensated,” he wrote.

    “Nearly all of them felt they didn’t receive true informed consent from their medical provider. Providers need to get over the rampant God complex in their line of work to do what’s needed to make major changes ensuring this it happens again,” he added.

    The U.S. wants Americans to turn a blind eye to reports on the elevated incidence rates for myocarditis/pericarditis in young people, in addition to reports on blood clots, and Guillain-Barré syndrome. But the real damage from the Covid vaccines and the lockouts is only beginning. So is the heightened scrutiny of the Experts’ failed policies.


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