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‘I Have the Freedom to Kill You with My Covid’: Biden Mocks Americans Who Object to Forced Vaccination

    President Biden heaped mockery upon Americans who insist on the right to bodily autonomy and the freedom to make their own personal healthcare choices at a CNN town hall on Thursday night.

    “So the idea is that – look, two things that concern me, one are those who just try to make this a political issue. Freedom. I have the freedom to kill you with my Covid. No, come on. Freedom,” he said.

    “Number one. Number two, the second one is that, you know, the gross misinformation that’s out there,” Biden went on. “Like what they’re saying about my buddy Colin Powell, he was my friend, passed away. Colin Powell was vaccinated and he still died. Well, he knew he had serious underlying conditions and it would be difficult – he clearly would have been gone earlier had he not gotten the vaccine, had he not gotten the shots. But my generic point is there’s so much misinformation.”

    Biden is one of the chief spreaders of Covid misinformation in the country. Biden has no idea of knowing if Colin Powell ‘would have been gone earlier’ if he hadn’t been vaccinated. The issue is that Colin Powell’s death was called a ‘death from Covid complications’ when the truth is he had been struggling with blood cancer for some time. It raises the issue of how many ‘Covid-related deaths’ were not only among the elderly – 98% of Covid-related deaths were over the age of 40 – but how many are due to “serious underlying conditions.”

    President Biden is ignoring the statements of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that Covid vaccination does not stop the spread of the Delta variant, which is the predominant Covid strain in the United States today. The CDC Director admitted over a month ago that the Covid vaccines don’t prevent the spread of the virus.

    “Our vaccines are working exceptionally well,” Walensky claimed. “They continue to work well for Delta with regard to severe illness and death, they prevent it. But what they can’t do anymore is prevent transmission.”

    The viral loads in the vaccinated and unvaccinated have proven to be similar, as the CDC stated in a document released in July.

    “Today, some of those data were published in CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR), demonstrating that Delta infection resulted in similarly high SARS-CoV-2 viral loads in vaccinated and unvaccinated people,” the CDC report said. “High viral loads suggest an increased risk of transmission and raised concern that, unlike with other variants, vaccinated people infected with Delta can transmit the virus.”

    Since then, Covid vaccines have themselves become a major driver of the Delta variant. It is not clear how much the vaccines may lower the transmission rate.

    “[S]tate-level data shows that milder breakthrough cases that do not result in hospitalization are on the rise among the fully vaccinated as virus transmission increases and vaccine efficacy decreases,” Roll Call noted in mid-September. “And they’re expected to keep increasing.”

    There is also the issue of natural immunity, which the Biden administration refuses to acknowledge, but nevertheless possesses scientific evidence to support. There are at least 29 major studies that show natural immunity is potent and lasting protection against Covid-19. Biden continued on spreading verifiable Covid misinformation.

    The Associated Press in June, however, issued a report that highlights just how many Covid-related deaths are associated with deaths from serious illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes.

    “Earlier this year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that nearly 3.4 million Americans died in 2020, an all-time record,” the AP reported at the time. “Of those deaths, more than 345,000 were directly attributed to COVID-19. The CDC also provided the numbers of deaths for some of the leading causes of mortality, including the nation’s top two killers, heart disease and cancer.”

    “But the data released this week contains the death rates — that is, fatalities relative to the population — which is considered a better way to see the impact from year to year, since the population fluctuates,” the report continued. “Of the causes of death for which the CDC had full-year provisional data, nine registered increases. Those included Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s, chronic liver disease, stroke and high blood pressure.”

    This is important to note because the CDC earlier reported that 94% of those who died with Covid had serious underlying health conditions. Biden, however, continues to spread the deceptive impression that Americans are equally at risk from Covid and need to be vaccinated, even if they are at extremely low risk and even if they have natural immunity.

    Biden went so far as to argue that even first responders, who have been on the frontlines throughout the pandemic, and many of whom have natural immunity, must get the vaccine or be fired.

    The president’s callous remark to fire first responders and other Americans who object to forced vaccination was met with applause by CNN’s left-wing “town hall” audience. There is indeed two Americas, and Biden is the president of the authoritarian one.


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