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The Mainstream Media Finally Admit: Mask Mandates Don’t Really Do Anything Against Covid

    After nearly two years of Americans bickering over the “facial decorations” that Covid officials uselessly mandated them to wear everytime they went in public, the mainstream media is beginning to come clean: There never was any strong evidence to support mask mandates.

    A Bloomberg columnist is confessing that the remaining U.S. states that have mask mandates have fared no better than free states that are not imposing them. Faye Flam of “Follow the Science” laid it all out.

    Mask mandates are predicated on the effectiveness of “universal masking” in which everyone wears a mask to keep case numbers lower… But there’s no avoiding it: The benefits of universal masking have been difficult to quantify. One controlled study in Bangladesh showed a small but statistically significant benefit — among people who consistently used masks, 7.6% got symptomatic infections compared to 8.6% in the control group. Other studies have been inconclusive.

    That’s being extremely generous. The Bangladesh study cited above has been shredded for its miniscule purported benefit, which evaporates the younger a wearer gets. Dr. Scott Atlas and other medical experts tore it apart in 2021.

    Appearing earlier this month on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle,” Atlas called the fact that the study was randomized “important” before citing a similarly randomized study from Denmark conducted last year that showed that “individuals wearing masks do not have a lower risk of infection testing for virus than people not wearing masks.”

    Professor Francois Balloux made a similar observation.

    “I don’t wish to enter the mask debate. I’ll just make one point. When the data from this trial is analysed conventionally, it’s not obvious that masks (including surgical ones) are statistically significantly associated with reduced transmission at the level of the population,” Professor Balloux said.

    If that isn’t enough to convince you, consider this fact: South Korea has approximately a 99% mask compliance rate. It is the closest thing you will find to total compliance in the real-world. This is its current Covid case count.

    Source: Worldometers

    Yikes. It gets worse for the mask mongers. Bloomberg columnist Faye Flam finally teases out the ultimate damning point.

    All those factors may explain why the states with mask mandates haven’t fared significantly better than the 35 states that didn’t impose them during the omicron wave. Rhode Island, where I live, has had a mask mandate since mid-December; nonetheless, we saw our January surge rise far higher than any other state. There’s little evidence that mask mandates are the primary reason the pandemic waves eventually fall — though much of the outrage over lifting mandates is based on that assumption. Many experts acknowledge that the rise and fall of waves is a bit of a mystery, as epidemiologist Sam Scarpino explained to me on my podcast.

    Let me provide an addendum: There is zero difference. None. They’re useless, for people who might be a little slow on the uptake.

    Below are the mask mandate states vs. the free states during the Omicron surge. As you can see, mask mandate states don’t do better than states without them.

    Source: @ianmsc/Twitter

    Then there is the issue of school masking. Below are the mask optional states versus the mask mandate states. Noticing a trend?

    Source: @ianmsc/Twitter

    The critical thing to note here (and the huge ‘I told you so’ for those paying attention) is that these data curves aren’t anomalies. They are not due to seasonal or regional factors.

    That is because children have participated in studies, and here is the real shocker, as reported here in mid-January: Maskless kids are less likely to test positive for Covid.

    Source: Office for National Statistics (U.K.)

    Whether it is because kids play with their masks or don’t wear them properly or whatever excuses people want to make, the masks actually correlate with higher case rates among children. That’s according to the Office for National Statistics (U.K.).

    So, now there is data independent of the Office for National Statistics that echoes these provocative findings. It comes from the prolific and popular Covid researcher el gato malo.

    The Substack researcher cited Emily Oster data on school masking. These were the conclusions:

    • students in masked schools had a 21% higher case rate than students in schools with no masks. masks do not look to protect your kids.
    • staff case rate was 23% higher in masked schools.
    • areas imposing masks had a 19% higher overall community case rate.

    True, correlation doesn’t equal causation. But it gets worse. Here are the charts of no mask and mask mandate schools.

    Then comes the most important aspect of mask mandates being statistically useless: They do a tremendous amount of harm, especially to children’s wellbeing.

    There are still millions of American adults who are in denial about this fact. They shrug off a Surgeon General’s report warning that Covid policies are exacerbating the childhood mental health crisis. They ignore that child suicide attempts are way up. They still try to rationalize that children are “resilient.”

    Surely, it wouldn’t cause any lasting damage for young children to sit for 8 hours a day (or longer) with their breathing impaired, with itchy annoying cloths on their faces, and without the ability to see each other smile? Right?

    Wrong. As people who aren’t complete monsters understood from the very beginning: It isn’t “normal” to normalize such a dehumanizing and demoralizing practice as wearing masks.

    If you doubt this unassailable fact, take a look at children at a Las Vegas elementary school when they were told the mask mandates were ending.

    If that doesn’t move you to want to end school masking, then you have no heart. And if you can read all the data that show mask mandates are useless and still want to cling to them, then you have no brain.


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