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Maxine Waters Unleashes on ‘Dangerous’ Trump & Allies, But CNN Fails to Note Raging Hypocrisy

    CNN is once again showing that its bias of omission is nearly as bad as its outright bias and distortion.

    Appearing on CNN on Monday, Waters unloaded with a tirade blasting Donald Trump as ‘dangerous’ for democracy, while skipping over the part where she is accusing him of behavior that she herself has exhibited in the past.

    “Well, I want you to know that John Lewis gave his life to civil rights and this was a man who was beaten almost within an inch of his life on the Edmund Pettus Bridge defending the right to register to vote and voting rights,” Waters began. “And to see what is happening now with all of these states coming up with suppression laws is something that I believe that he would have thought at one point that we had gotten past the attempts to keep blacks, in particular, from voting.”

    “We’ve been through the poll tax days, counting the number of beans in a jar, and all of those things to keep us from being able to vote and here we have the Republicans leading in many of our states with their governors who are trying to take us back and trying to make sure that they put obstacles in the way of our voting,” she claimed. “When you take a look at what’s happening in Georgia, where they’re talking about erasing 100,000 people from the rolls on the pretense, well, they didn’t vote in the last election or so.”

    “When you look at what they’re doing to try to eliminate early voting days, when you’re looking at what they’re doing that makes the lines longer, and then saying to us who would try to make people comfortable by giving them water in line then that somehow would be against the law,” she continued.

    “This is a dangerous time for our democracy,” she claimed. “This is a dangerous time because Trump, who served as the president of the United States for four years, has basically led this country to a point where he’s got believers and supporters who thinks that he is the president and he should be the president. And somehow, it’s been stolen and it’s got to be taken back.”

    “So, January 6 may not be the only thing that they do when they invaded our capitol, when that insurrection took place,” she railed. “They may be organizing again.”

    It should be noted that Maxine Waters was literally booed in 2017 for objecting to Donald Trump’s election.

    “Is there one United States senator who will join me in this letter of objection?” Waters said to boos from Republicans.

    “And so, they are coming,” Waters rambled. “They are not going to stop. And I know we’re trying to get our commission together, that Nancy Pelosi has tried to organize when they would not support the commission that was offered to try and get to the bottom of the insurrection. I know that we’re waiting on them to assign their people to it, to want to do right.”

    Waters is referring to the House Democrats’ partisan Jan. 6 investigation, which only includes one Republican: Trump critic Liz Cheney.

    Congresswoman Maxine Waters was also not gun shy about giving the legal cases against former President Donald Trump the appearance of ‘political prosecutions.’

    “But in the final analysis, our attorneys generals, whether they’re in New York or in Georgia, they’ve got to go after him about how he’s cheated, you know, on his taxes,” she added. “How his family has taken advantage of having a non-profit that they use like it was their own money. On and on and on.”

    “One way or the other, we’ve got to stop Trump and his allies,” she continued. “It’s more than undermining our democracy. They’re dangerous and they’re out to do harm.”

    “And so, we’re in a bad time in this country, trying to manage all of this. But we must manage it. We must protect our democracy,” Waters said. “We must not allow Trump to win.”

    This has been the Democratic Party’s attitude about Trump from the very beginning: Nothing is too extreme to stop a president who purportedly represents an extreme threat to the country.

    But since the Democrats hold virtually all the power in this country, who actually represents the real threat?

    This article was updated after publication and lightly edited for content.


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