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New Mayor’s ‘Next Step’ for Vaccine Mandates Should Scare the Hell Out of Anyone Still Living in New York City

    New York City’s incoming Eric Adams is proving once again the old adage: “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”

    Only days after saying that the city’s denizens must “learn to live with Covid,” he is making clear that this means more mandates that violate citizen’s rights to make their own personal health decisions.

    On ABC’s “This Week” with host George Stephanopoulos, Adams shared that the “next step” in their apparent plan is to mandate “boosters” for teachers, police officers, and other city workers.

    “We require teachers, police officers and other city workers to get a booster shot,” Stephanopoulos said.

    “That’s our next move and decision,” Adams replied. “We are going to examine the numbers. If we feel we have to get to the place of making that mandatory we are going to do that, but we’re encouraging them to do that now.”

    “I took my booster shot, and every time I look at the numbers, I’m happy,” he added.

    The boosters, incidentally, are proof positive that the original vaccines were not “100% safe and effective.” Furthermore, the evidence is now overwhelming that the vaccines not only fail to “stop the spread,” they don’t even significantly slow the spread.

    Much like former Governor Andrew Cuomo’s replacement Kathy Hochul, Adams is already proving to be a disappointment for New Yorkers who wanted a breath of fresh air after the disastrous tenure of socialist former mayor Bill de Blasio. Hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers have fled the state in the past two years, due in major part to rights-violating Covid mandates.

    Recently, Adams gave New Yorkers false hope that he might be different than the state’s other hapless elected officials.

    “The New Year’s Eve celebration is still going forward even as other cities across the world are canceling their festivities,” Acosta huffed. “Last week, when Mayor De Blasio announced the move to move forward, you said he was making the right move. Do you still feel confident this is a good idea given everything that’s happening right now?”

    “Yes, yes I do,” Adams said. “And I want to commend the mayor and when you speak with the business leaders in the city, particularly in the central business district of tourism, what happens on New Year’s, Broadway, it’s a major economic driver. And he’s being responsible by stating everyone there must be vaccinated and they must wear a mask.”

    “He cut down the crowd and insured we could do it in a safe way because we’re sending a signal across the entire globe that New York will be safe, we will be responsible, and we will continue to open in a safe way,” he said. “We have to do that to insure our financial ecosystem continues to thrive.”

    “New York City had to shut down, though, an entire subway line today because of short staffing due to the Covid surge,” Acosta said. “The NYPD has 21% of their staff out sick. The Fire Department of New York says 30% of emergency medical services are out because of Covid. And everything that’s going along with it. You know, can you really pull this off safely with that kind of a staffing crunch?”

    “Yes, I believe we can,” Adams said. “This is an amazing city with professionals. Remember, I was one of those police officers, and I know during the times of crisis and tragedies, we respond. Remember what happened when our center of trade collapsed, our two World Trade Center buildings collapsed. 9/11, we got up on 9/12 and responded and we’ll do it over and over again because this city is made up of professionals and we’re going to send the right signal to this entire country.”

    “We’re going to get through Covid,” he continued. “Let’s be clear. We spent $11 trillion on Covid. We can’t continue to think that we can spend trillions of dollars, we must learn to live with Covid, adjust, and pivot at the right times, and we’re doing that in New York, and I’m extremely optimistic on how the city is going to respond.”

    Unfortunately, Mayor-Elect Adams has signaled that he will continue the vaccine mandates of his socialist predecessor, despite the shortages and the scientific fact that they do not stop the spread of Covid.


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