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New Report: Biden Officials, Kerry Subverted Trump Foreign Policy by Holding Secret Meetings with Iran

    Biden officials, including former Secretary of State and current “climate envoy” John Kerry, subverted then-President Trump’s foreign policy by holding secret “back channel” meetings with aspiring nuclear power and state sponsor of terrorism Iran.

    The Washington Times reported Sunday on the seditious double-dealing:

    President Trump in 2019 sought to open a back channel of communication with top Iranian officials and saw the U.N. General Assembly meeting in September as a potential opportunity to defuse escalating tension with Tehran, but the effort failed.

    Two months earlier, however, a different back channel was thriving in New YorkIran’s smooth, English-speaking foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, met with Robert Malley, who was President Obama’s Middle East adviser, in an apparent bid to undermine the Trump team and lay the groundwork for post-Trump relations.

    The Washington Times reports on the officials who had the meetings, as reported by “high-level national security and intelligence sources”:

    “One of those was former Secretary of State John F. Kerry, who met with Mr. Zarif during the Trump years. So did Obama-era Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz. They, along with Mr. Malley, were top U.S. negotiators of the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). As part of the deal, Tehran promised to limit its nuclear enrichment activities in exchange for economic sanctions relief and access to tens of billions of dollars in frozen bank accounts.”

    The intelligence sources say the meetings “allowed the Iranian regime to bypass Mr. Trump and work directly with Obama administration veterans that Tehran hoped would soon return to power in Washington.”

    Strikingly, the reported backchannel meetings are not with a minor NATO ally or with Israel, but with a state sponsor of terrorism. The U.S. does not even have formal diplomatic relations with Iran since the Iranian hostage crisis of 1979.

    After Biden’s election, Iran decided to mount pressure on the United States by announcing that it was going to ratchet up its enrichment of uranium. New Secretary of State Antony Blinken admitted that the Iranian regime is only “weeks away” from nuclear-weapons-grade material in early February.

    Now, the Ayatollah is signaling that it may escalate its nuclear fuel enrichment program.

    “We are determined to gain nuclear capabilities proportionate to the country’s needs and for this reason, the limit for Iran’s enrichment won’t be 20 percent,” Ayatollah Khamenei said on Monday to his Assembly of Experts.

    “We will increase it to whatever level the country needs…We may increase it to 60 percent,” he continued.

    The Biden’s willingness to join the unconstitutional Iranian nuclear deal, which should have been a treaty or diplomatic deal brokered by the U.S. Senate, is part of a long track record of Obama-era weakness towards the terroristic regime.

    “The Obama administration is acknowledging its transfer of $1.7 billion to Iran earlier this year was made entirely in cash, using non-U.S. currency,” the New York Post reported in 2016. The details of part of these payments are quite striking.

    “The Obama administration quietly shipped $400 million stacked on wooden pallets in an unmarked plane to Iran in January — just as Tehran was releasing four Americans who had been detained there, according to a report,” the Post also reported. Yet that is only one of the more memorable reports about how the Obama administration empowered Iran. It reportedly helped the nation skirt sanctions.

    “The Obama administration secretly sought to give Iran access — albeit briefly — to the US financial system by sidestepping sanctions kept in place after the 2015 nuclear deal, despite repeatedly telling Congress and the public it had no plans to do so,” the Post exposed.

    In another controversial move, the Biden administration lifted the terrorist designation for an Iranian-backed militia group in Yemen.

    The Iranians were clearly emboldened by perceived weakness from the incoming Biden administration when it decided to escalate its nuclear-enrichment program, following years of strength shown under the prior Trump administration.

    The subversion of the Trump presidency began during his campaign in the guise of illegally obtained state surveillance warrants. It continued throughout his early presidency in the form of the Clinton-DNC hatched “Russia hoax.”

    Now, it strongly appears that current Biden officials subverted the Trump presidency by holding secret meetings with a sworn enemy of the United States.

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