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Southwest Pilot Triggers Outrage with ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Sign-Off, Then The Hidden Meaning Behind It Comes Out

A Southwest Airlines pilot on his way from Houston to Albuquerque on Friday had a special message for the passengers as he signed off his flight: “Let’s Go Brandon!”

The provocative sign-off was reported on Friday morning by Politico’s White House Bureau Chief Jon Lemire:

“On Friday morning on a Southwest flight from Houston to Albuquerque, the pilot signed off his greeting over the public address system with the phrase, to audible gasps from some passengers,” Lemire reported, with doubtless embellishment for effect.

There was subsequent breathless media commentary by such pundits as Brian Tyler Cohen.

“On a ⁦Southwest flight from Houston to Albuquerque, the pilot signed off over the public address system with the phrase ‘Let’s go, Brandon’ (GOP code for ‘Fuck Joe Biden’) to audible gasps from some passengers,” Cohen said. “Care to comment, ⁦@SouthwestAir⁩?”

The left-wing media pounced on the story and was off-and-running. CNN, in particular, had the vapors about the media report.

“If @SouthwestAir doesn’t do anything, every passenger on that flight has standing to file a complaint with the@FAANews and they should do so,” CNN contributor Juliette Kayyem complained. “Southwest will then be compelled to investigate or defend him. Have fun with that. No messing around in the air. Bright line rule.”

She wasn’t done there. When Kayyem was asked about why she wanted complaints filed, she even accused the Southwest pilot of substance abuse.

“Yes pilot conduct,” she replied. “His words reflect possibility of anger management or substance abuse. It is worth asking.”

Asha Rangappa, another CNN contributor, also unloaded on the reported incident.

“As an experiment, I’d love for an @SouthwestAir pilot to say ‘Long live ISIS’ before taking off,” she said, directly comparing a ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ phrase to a threat of terrorism. “1) the plane would be immediately ground; 2) the pilot fired; and 3) a statement issued by the airline within a matter of hours.”

The most humiliating thing about CNN and Politico’s reaction to the Southwest Airline story is that they got it completely wrong. There was a hidden reason why the Southwest pilot uttered the phrase, and it had to do with a sick boy.

In a response to Brian Taylor Cohen, journalist Stephen L. Miller disclosed that he had actually been on the flight. Miller shared firsthand knowledge of the meaning behind the pilot’s use of the phrase.

“Hello @SouthwestAir – I’d like to clear this up. I was a passenger on the flight in question,” Miller said. “There was a young kid on the flight next to me with his mother who told me he was on his way for a bone marrow transplant. His name was Brandon and the flight attendant was aware of this.”


Miller went on to justifiably criticize the media’s unhinged and unfounded reaction to the initial Politico report.

“This is a paid CNN contributor baselessly accusing an airline pilot of substance abuse,” Miller said about Kayyem. “Honest guy Jake Tapper is AWOL. Journalists are all just turning away at this because they need the media hits. This is why Facebook isn’t the problem. Look at you fucking people.”

Miller, who is an astute political observer, gave his view on what he thinks is behind the media’s flailing about the “Let’s Go Brandon” phrase.

“It’s the most innocuous innocent sounding meme,” he said. “It’s being chanted in sports stadiums as a joke, and our media betters are losing their absolute batshit living minds over it. It’s mind-blowing. I’ve never seen anything like this.”

“The thing that’s driving all of this is Joe Biden isn’t Barack Obama so they can’t scream racism,” he added. “They have no idea how to react toward defending an 80 year old invalid they have to defend out of duty. It’s incredible.”

That “80 year old invalid” is incidentally causing major chaos in the airline industry nationwide with his unlawful federal vaccine mandates, which have still not been formally issue, but are nonetheless being fought in court.

“American Airlines has canceled more than 1,000 flights since Friday, citing staffing problems and ‘high winds’,” DiscloseTV reported on Friday. A search of Flight Aware shows major disruption with American Airlines and some disruption with Southwest Airlines.

Corey DeAngelis, who is the National Director of Research for School Choice Now, shared his experience with an American Airlines cancellation.

“American Airlines just canceled my flight back to DC and rebooked for Tuesday. TUESDAY,” he said. “They say they won’t cover hotel.”

Obviously, such a cancellation and rescheduling is not weather-related. On Sunday morning, 23% of American Airlines flights had been cancelled, 621 in total, while 5% of Southwest flights have been canceled, 184 in total. The MiseryMap shows that the issue is widespread.

The airlines are obviously dealing with a widespread disruption due to the unnecessary vaccine mandates. The vaccines do not significantly slow transmission, and therefore have no bearing on stopping the spread. The only thing they do is protect an individual’s health; therefore, there is no justifiable cause for a vaccine mandate. 10 state attorneys general now plan to fight the federal vaccine mandate in court; for the airlines’ sake, they better hope that they win.


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