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New Video Surfaces Revealing the Disturbing Reason Biden Actually Crashed His Bike

    On Saturday, President Joe Biden took a nasty spill while riding his bike near his weekend getaway home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. It was caught on video.

    One angle shows that he slammed his shoulder or head and neck area on the ground pretty hard.

    Photographers snapped pictures of the president as he lay on the ground after the harrowing crash.

    Biden had come over to say hello to a crowd near the Gordon’s Pond State Park bike trail that was yelling ‘Happy Father’s Day’ to the president before the wreck.

    Ultimately, the 79-year-old Biden said ‘I’m good’ before dusting himself off and going on his way. Biden said to reporters that the cause of the fall was that he had trouble removing his shoes from the bike pedals.

    But it turns out there was an utterly embarrassing and slightly disturbing reason Biden had veered off towards the crosswalk instead of following the bike path. Watch:

    The video, apparently narrated by the user @Brick_Suit on Twitter, reveals the incredible backstory of Biden’s bike wreck.

    “By now you may have seen this clip of Joe Biden falling off of his bicycle, rather unceremoniously,” the narrator says. “And if you guess that the reason was because a small child was in the crowd, you’d be right.”

    “Now, yesterday, I actually put out a tweet about that before any of this other footage came out wondering why exactly was Joe stopping,” he added. “And it turns out that I was correct. There was a kid in the crowd.”

    “Now, normally, at this part in their ride, the Bidens will peel off to the right follow the bike path there,” he said, while pointing out the typical bike route. “So, and as you can see from these other photos, they’ve done that. And you can see in the video from yesterday, Jill Biden wearing that magenta jacket, she’s going off the right. But not Joe. Joe makes a slight steering correction and head straight towards someone he sees in the crowd.”

    “And here’s a clip from afterwards,” he went on. “You can see, as Joe gets up, he starts talking to someone, bending down, talking to someone in the crowd.”

    “Now there’s no wheelchair there. And Robert Reich is nowhere in the vicinity,” he joked. “And here you can see a ponytail.”

    “So we know he’s talking to a small girl and actually photos surfaced afterwards showing the two of them together,” he went on. “So, I don’t know what they were discussing. That was so important that Joe had to stop.”

    “Maybe it was inflation, price of gas situation in Ukraine, the open border followed the American economy, or perhaps just, he needs to know what type of shampoo she was using,” he added. “So there it is. Joe Biden crashed yesterday because he was so excited to see a small girl in the crowd that he couldn’t remember how to get his feet out of the pedals.”

    If you thought the video was embarrassing, it turns out that the backstory behind why Biden actually fell is even more embarrassing. This presidency is an utter bike wreck.


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