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New York Governor Will Continue Universal School Masking as ‘Science’ Collapses, Blue States Flee the Failed Policy

    The Science™ has completely collapsed to justify universal school masking (and it never existed to begin with), but don’t tell unelected New York Governor Kathy Hochul that. She intends to continue the disastrous policy after legal authorization for it expires in February.

    The move was confirmed on Monday afternoon.

    Hochul’s scientific illiteracy is being compounded by her intended policy moves. The New York governor seeks to end her (unlawful) indoor business mask mandate, but keep the school mask mandate in place.

    “New York’s indoor mask-or-vaccine mandate governing businesses is expected to expire on Thursday and not be renewed, although the regulation that is being used to enforce masking in schools for children and employees is poised to remain in place beyond February,” the Albany Times Union reported.

    “Gov. Kathy Hochul said she expects to make an announcement Wednesday regarding the mandates, which have stoked controversy and constitutional challenges,” the Times Union added. “Her office declined to say whether the governor will continue to impose the guidance impacting school children.”

    “If she continues to keep the schools mask mandate in place, it would remain in effect as governors in neighboring states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut have announced they are ending their versions of the statewide masking requirements for schools,” the story noted.

    “Jill Montag, a spokeswoman for the New York Department of Health, said that the regulation that the mask mandate governing schools is based on is scheduled to expire Feb. 21 ‘but is expected to be renewed’,” the report added.

    “Let’s get more children vaccinated so they have that suit of armor they need to be protected,” Hochul said during a news conference. “I am optimistic that we’re trending in that direction, but I still need the time.”

    Healthy children have a Covid survival rate of 100% and even CNN’s chief Covid pundit Dr. Leana Wen has finally acknowledged the policy is harmful to children. Furthermore, New York’s natural immunity level is 79%.

    As reported earlier: New Jersey is done. Connecticut is done. Delaware is done. Oregon is done. The blue state dominoes are falling — leaving the usual suspects of pointless cruelty in New York and California to carry the torch. Kathy Hochul is up to the task.

    New York Governor Kathy Hochul had her unlawful indoor mask mandate struck down in court, but has filed an appeal that ostensibly prevents it from being lifted. The Covid tyrants will cling to power in the face of science and even the law.

    The lesson is clear: The penalty for compliance with unlawful mandates is more unlawful mandates. Blue state voters better wake up to this fact and take appropriate action before their failed states are gone forever.


    Judge Hands New York Governor Hochul a Stunning Defeat: Strikes Down Her “Mask Mandate” as Unconstitutional

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