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News Outlet Defends Senate Dem’s Membership in All-White Beach Club by Calling It ‘Elite’

It is a truism hardly worth noting that if a Republican senator belonged to an ‘all-white’ beach club that politician would be called forth for a televised ‘struggle session’ to explain himself before the national media.

But the same treatment could hardly be expected for a Democratic senator, namely, Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island, who was recently exposed for lacking insufficient social justice bona fides, since his family belonged to an all-white social club called the Spouting Rock Beach Association.

The reaction of Axios, a center-left website that reported on the matter? “Whitehouse defends elite beach club membership.” That was its headline.

“Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) on Monday defended his family’s membership to a private Rhode Island beach club that was alleged to have all-white members and told reporters the club is ‘working on improving diversity’,” Rebecca Falconer wrote.

“Whitehouse has spoken out against systemic racism following the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and others,” Falconer noted regarding ‘why it matters.’

“Richard Davidson, a spokesperson for Whitehouse, told NBC the club has no ‘restrictive policy’,” she added. This hardly matters, since the moving goalposts of the Woke mob require ubiquitous diversity and inclusion (or, alternatively, segregation for blacks only).

Social media commentators tore into Axios for equating “all-white” to “elite”:

That wasn’t the only social media blow-up on the issue, however; Sheldon Whitehouse had his own PR issues to resolve.

This is what the Rhode Island senator tweeted on Monday:

The reaction was pretty hilarious.

Democrats like Sheldon Whitehouse will undoubtedly continue to berate Americans for insufficient Wokeness, while demonstrating absolutely no consistency in their own personal lives. That’s the Democrat way.


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